Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 752: Revenge

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Chapter 752: Revenge

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He Bin finally realized how heartless He Lan Chang was. He would not hesitate to take out anything that stood in the way of his profit. His mother and now himself were also his victims…

Simply because of a betrayal suspicion he was going to kill him. There was no investigation, he would rather kill an innocent than leave any suspicion. He Lan Chang\'s cruelty had reached an incredible level. The loyalty He Bin still had for the He Lan family was completely extricated during the torture session!

He traded his many years of service for such an ending. He lamented his stupidity for treating and respecting He Lan Chang as his father for all those years!

This man that was worse than an animal was never good enough to be his father. He Bin swore absolute revenge on them, to make them pay for what they did to him and his mother.

The vengeance in He Bin\'s eyes deepened. Suddenly, Xinghe asked, "Do you want your revenge?"

He Bin was taken aback. He whipped his head to look at her and promised vehemently, "Yes, I do! I am willing to do anything to take my revenge. You will have my full cooperation!"

Xinghe nodded. "Perfect, I am glad that you finally see the truth. Do not worry, revenge will definitely be yours if you choose to work with us."

"But what use am I to you now that I am a cripple…" He Bin said with hatred. His legs were broken by He Lan Qi, he could not even move a muscle from his lower body, he would probably spend the rest of his life in bed.

"Do not worry, I promise that you will stand again in time. Plus, we do not need you to do anything physical, we only need you to tell us everything you know," Mubai said in a low voice.

He Bin was taken aback again. He sighed. "But I do not know much about the family business. They would not tell me anything before sending me on those missions… Of course, I could expose them on those criminal deeds that they had me do for them."

"That is not what we want," Xinghe replied softly.

He Bin was confused. "In that case, what is your plan?"

Xinghe explained everything to him since he was now their ally, "The He Lan family is a family of secrets. What we need from you is to help us get to the bottom of those secrets. Only by understanding those secrets can we expose them and destroy them in one fell sweep, or else we will just be tipping our hand to them. Furthermore, do you really think we can bring them down with those deeds that they had you do?"

"…" It is indeed impossible. He Lan Chang is too cunning; he must have some ways to get out of the blame, if anything, he will push them on me instead. Furthermore, the president and the Chui family are their people, they will help him cover it up… wait a minute, the Chui family!

He Bin said excitedly, "The Chui family is part of the system, He Lan Chang practically raised them himself! Many of Chui Qian\'s decisions have to go through consultation with He Lan Chang, if this relationship is exposed, it will definitely ruin them!"

"Do you have any evidence of their collusion?" Xinghe asked.

He Bin said directly, "Am I not the best evidence? I know many of their secret meetings and know the deals that they have forged with each other. Put me on the witness stand and I will bring them down!"

"Wonderful, tell us everything you know now, and we will record it," Xinghe came to a decision on the spot but not before calming He Bin. "Do not worry, we will not actually broadcast the recording, at least, not until we can ensure your safety!"

He Bin was compelled by his hatred to blurt out those words earlier, but now that he had calmed down and thought about it, if he presented himself as the witness, he would also be roped into the whole mess.