Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 750: Too Late for Regret

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Chapter 750: Too Late for Regret

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Do you really think you are the He Lan family\'s young master? To tell you the truth, Father has never treated you as his son before, you are nothing but a dog he raised out of a moment of compassion! And now, he wanted to have you put down, so you already have no right to live! This is what you get for betraying us!"

He Bin widened his eyes in shock. "What did you say? It is him that…"

"That\'s right, it was Father that signed your death sentence because of your betrayal. However, do not worry because I will definitely keep you alive to let you understand what the meaning of torture is…" He Lan Qi laughed happily and wickedly but He Bin\'s face was a sheet of white paper; his world was crumbling. He really did not expect his father, who he trusted so implicitly, who he was willing to believe he had nothing to do with his mother\'s death, would treat him thusly.

He had told them everything honestly, but they still doubted him. They did not even give him any chance to explain himself. They condemned him so easily without even wanting to hear his side of the story.

So, I am really nothing but a dog to him… So many years I have slaved away to win his affection and he thought I am just a dog barking to get his attention.

He Bin hated himself then, hated himself for not heeding Xinghe\'s advice. She had told him openly, this would be his ending, but he stubbornly closed himself to the truth. He Lan Chang was his biological father; he would not treat him so cruelly. However, reality gave him a sound slap.

He Bin had worked for years under He Lan Chang; he should have known how heartless his father could be, so how could he not see the reality that was right in front of his face?

Even an outsider like Xinghe could see the reality that was facing him. He Bin was blinded by his own loyalty and faith; he had no one but himself to blame for his end. However, it was too late for regrets…

Because He Lan Qi would not let him go easily, he would torture him until death. He Bin had surrendered to his fate, he would not see the light of day again.

Xinghe had been following He Bin\'s situation. Ever since he left the airport, she had been tracking him using the road surveillance. Even after he was brought into He Lan villa, her surveillance had not stopped.

The He Lan family did not have many surveillance cameras, but they were complete, they were used to prevent outsiders from breaching into their family grounds. Even though Xinghe was not inside the villa personally, through the cameras she could see every corner of the house clearly.

Therefore, not long ago, she saw He Bin leave the main mansion and walk towards another smaller mansion that was to the side of the compound. Later, she saw He Lan Qi take a group of men towards He Bin\'s room…

Finally, she saw a bloodied He Bin being carried out of his room and whisked away to a basement of a building that was hidden from view.

"He Lan Chang did come after him after all," Mubai, who was beside her, observed.

Xinghe nodded. "That is to be expected. The fact that I allowed him to return unscathed must have raised some red flags for He Lan Chang. However, I expected his suspicion to escalate over time and I did not expect him to act so quickly."

"The He Lan family is one paranoid family, even Chui Qian could not find any dirt on them, this goes to show how careful and suspicious they are. Only by being paranoid can they manage to hold up such a pristine appearance to the public," Mubai analyzed clear-headedly.

Xinghe nodded in agreement because she also had that personality in her. She was always careful, so she could understand He Lan Chang in some ways. However, there was a key difference between them. Unlike He Lan Chang, Xinghe was never unreasonably cruel.