Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 749: A Dog

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Chapter 749: A Dog

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"Damn! He is my son, how dare he betray us‽" He Lan Chang roared angrily. He was almost fully convinced by He Lan Qi\'s analysis.

He Lan Qi smirked chillingly. "Father, I warned you about this earlier. We have never treated him well and he is not admitted as part of the family, so how could he not resent us in some way? Do not forget that he is an assassin, do you really expect loyalty from him? Killing us and then take over everything is not outside of the realm of possibility."

He Lan Chang\'s face was dark, and a flash of bloodthirsty cruelty flickered across his eyes. "He wants to take over the family? He thinks too highly of himself! So what if he is an assassin? At the end of the day, he is nothing more than a dog that I have decided to keep out of mercy! When the dog bites the hand that feeds it, it is time to put him down! Damn this traitor, he must be punished."

"Do you want me to get him to confess his sins?" He Lan Qi immediately suggested.

He Lan Chang nodded without giving it much thought. "Okay, I will leave this to you."

"Okay!" He Lan Qi promised excitedly, and his eyes were practically glowing. He Bin, you have finally fallen into my hands, I will definitely make you regret ever being born in this world! You plan to contest my claim to the family? Alas, you will not be alive to do that!

He Lan Qi had always been cautious about He Bin, afraid that he would one day launch a counter to claim everything that naturally belonged to him. Therefore, when He Lan Qi was given this chance, how could he give it up?

Almost immediately, he brought his men to deal with He Bin.

He Bin had just returned to his room and was ready to lie down for the day when he heard someone knock on his door. With a frown, he walked to open the door. What greeted him was the cold barrel of a pistol!

It was pointed right at his skull!

Thanks to his training, He Bin subconsciously rolled out of the way, but his opponent was fast as well!

The gunshot was smothered by a silencer and the force sent He Bin flying before landing with a thump on the floor. There was a bloody hole on his shoulder. He gripped his shoulder from pain, but his face was filled with shock and consternation.

Glaring at He Lan Qi who sauntered in with a pistol in his hand, He Bin demanded, "What are you doing‽"

He Lan Qi pointed the pistol at his half-brother and smiled fiendishly. "What am I doing? Of course, I am exacting father\'s order to punish you."

"Punish me?" He Bin was shocked. What punishment? Is it because of the failed mission?

"You have collaborated with the Shen family, right? He Bin, you have betrayed the He Lan family, do you think you are able to escape our detection? Unfortunately, we have seen through your lies easily, and thus, it is time for you to pay! Men, detain him and throw him into the underground jail!"

"Yes, sir!" The security immediately rushed forward to detain He Bin.

He Bin struggled angrily. "I did not betray Father, it is impossible for me to betray him! I demand to see Father, I did not betray…"

He Bin swallowed the rest of his sentence because a punch was lobbed at his stomach. His assailant was none other than He Lan Qi. He put his whole body behind this punch; it almost brought up the black tea He Bin drank earlier.

He Lan Qi glared at him like a vicious scorpion and made sure to spit every word into his face. "Who are you to call him Father? Understand that you are nothing more than a dog that we raised!"