Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 748: Suspicious

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Chapter 748: Suspicious

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Compelled by his subconscious, He Bin shook his head. "That is all…"

He had said everything he was obliged to, the things that he should not say he did not dare say.

He Lan Chang stared daggers at him and pressed, "Is that really everything? Think about it carefully."

"That is really everything!"

"Since they know about your real identity, why would they let you come back just like that? And that is not what they said on your official deportation papers as well."

He Bin opened his mouth, but no words came out. I cannot possibly reveal there is information regarding father\'s involvement in mother\'s death, can I? I definitely cannot say it is because of Xia Xinghe\'s plans to woo me to her side that she allowed me to go so easily.

He Bin\'s first reaction was evasion. He was afraid that if he revealed all these things, his relationship with his family would be soured.

"I have no idea why they decided to do so, perhaps it was because they did not want me to tell you the truth that they went against the grain and let me go. They thought I would be afraid that my identity would be exposed so I would not dare to tell you the truth." He Bin lowered his gaze and came up with a barely believable reason.

To his surprise, He Lan Chang believed it. "Perhaps. But no matter their intention, it is a good thing that you have returned safely. You must be tired already, go and rest. Leave the rest to me."

"Yes!" He Bin stood up and prepared to leave.

He Lan Chang called him back. "Finish this tea, I purposely had them brew it for you."

"Yes." He Bin took up the glass and finished it with one gulp. The tea warmed his stomach and his heart. There was even a spring in his step when he left. Before returning, he was afraid that he would be scolded because he had failed his mission, but that did not happen. His father did not fault him in any way and that really did touch He Bin.

His father had always been a cold, unapproachable figure to He Bin, but after today\'s ordeal, his impression of him had improved a lot. Perhaps He Lan Chang did treat him as a son, but he had difficulty expressing it…

After He Bin left with these happy thoughts, He Lan Qi walked in.

He Lan Chang heard his footsteps and asked pointedly, "What do you think about what he said?"

"Father, I think there is serious problem!" He Lan Qi said with a frown but there was deep conviction in his voice.

He Lan Chang asked, "Where is the problem?"

He Lan Qi sat down and scoffed, "He is obviously lying to us. It is impossible for the fact that he is your bastard son to be recorded in the intelligence agency; the Chui family are our people, so they would not do something like this. Therefore, he must have revealed this secret himself."

He Lan Chang narrowed his eyes dangerously. "I suspected as much, but why would he do that?"

"Why else? He is planning to betray us. Perhaps he has already formed a cooperative relationship with the Shen family, why else will they let him come back so easily? Furthermore, if they have found out about his real identity, why did they not come to us directly to demand an explanation? Don\'t you think that is too suspicious? And do not get me started on his pitiable excuse, if Shen family is really afraid that he will blab everything to us, then they could have locked him up. In any case, it is indeed too suspicious that he returned so safely and easily after being discovered."

He Lan Chang was slowly convinced by He Lan Qi\'s analysis. It was only if He Bin had colluded with Xia Xinghe that he would be let go so easily.

"So, is the reason he came clean to us about everything to buy our trust?" He Lan Chang asked with lethal intention.

He Lan Qi nodded and replied with a chilling smirk, "It has to be. Perhaps, he believed that only by telling us some degree of truth would he be able to fool us. And I dare say the reason he returned is he plans to sabotage us from within while the Shen family come for us from without."