Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 744: His Thoughts

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Chapter 744: His Thoughts

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"We found his actions to be rather suspicious because he seems to purposely come after us. I wonder if President Chui could look into him further to check whether he has any hidden intentions," Xinghe requested directly.

Chui Qian\'s expression darkened by several shades before nodding easily. "Naturally, that will not be a problem! Since he is a suspicious character, then we will investigate him thoroughly and will report back to all of you when we have come up with a proper answer."

"Mr. President, thank you again. This time, you have helped us, so if you need our help in the future, we will repay the kindness without hesitation," Xinghe offered with a meaningful smile. Chui Qian was taken aback, and the way he looked at them turned a little more complicated.

After the banquet was over, Xinghe and Mubai rejected the offer to stay at the villa Chui Qian arranged for them and opted to stay at the hotel. When they reached the hotel, Xinghe saw that Ee Chen and the rest were already there.

Ali had contacted them when she landed to ask them to gather at the hotel. All this while, Ee Chen\'s group had been busy observing the He Lan family in Country R.

Xinghe asked them directly, "How is everything?"

Ee Chen answered solemnly, "The incident regarding Angel Orphanage has been suppressed. The He Lan family found a few scapegoats, and since there were few reports in the media, it has basically blown over."

Sam grumbled with dissatisfaction, "That incident barely caused any damage to them."

"And no one really rose to challenge them," Cairn added.

Xinghe nodded. "I expected as much. This kind of small incident would not have affected them seriously. However, it is not true that no one has reared their head to target the He Lan family."

"What do you mean by that?" Ee Chen asked in confusion.

Xinghe did not answer but pulled over her laptop. Very soon, she hacked into Country R\'s intelligence agency and pulled out up the information gathered on the He Lan family. There were files on He Lan Chang and He Lan Qi as well. However, there was little information on them, most of the information could be found on the internet. It was mostly unimportant.

However, there was a new entry, it was about the Angel Orphanage incident. When they saw this, Ee Chen\'s group was befuddled.

Only Ali got it. "Xinghe, it looks like Country R\'s president does have the intention to go after them!"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, now we can finally confirm that."

Or else, he would not have recorded everything that had happened with the He Lan family. He was definitely lying in wait, waiting for the chance to remove them.

"What is really happening? How did you guys conclude that Country R\'s president has the intention of going after the He Lan family?" Ee Chen asked with a confused frown. Xinghe then explained everything to them from beginning to end. They were appropriately shocked when they heard the news.

They did not expect Xinghe\'s thoughts would be so scary. She went to investigate Chui Ying but had managed to unearth so many secrets. Even though it seemed easy on paper to do all this, if she had not started by investigating Chui Ying, they would not have gotten where they were. The most crucial point was that none of them would have thought to use Chui Ying as an opening and they would not have been able to discover so much encrypted information.

Xinghe not only had the necessary deductive skills but also the capability, or else the progress would not have been so successful.

Even He Bin\'s capture was not something that could be done by anyone. Her plan was intricate, and she did not let any opportunity slip. She was never overconfident or careless and it was because of all this that she managed to uncover so many secrets.