Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 741: Don't Leave Me…

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Chapter 741: Don\'t Leave Me…

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"I can see that this He Bin still has his own autonomy; he hasn\'t become a complete tool for the He Lan family, and most importantly, he seems to still care about his mother. And if that\'s true, then he will try his best to discover the truth."

After he confirmed He Lan Chang was really related to his mother\'s death, he would stop working for them. He might not end up as their ally, but he wouldn\'t stand in their way.

As long as it could help Xinghe take down the He Lan family, she would not overlook it.

Furthermore, Xinghe understood He Lan Chang would definitely be suspicious if she just let him go just like that. According to their cruel personality, if they were in any way suspicious of He Bin, they would definitely act on it. He Bin would be in for a world of pain and Xinghe hoped it would be enough for him to wake up and see the truth.

Of course, Xinghe also reminded him that he would be betrayed. He, of course, refused to believe it, but she only meant to plant a seed, it depended on him what to do with the information.

He Bin was sent to jail. With the president behind her back, Xinghe had the power to do that.

At night, she managed to pull up more information, at least she managed to confirm it was true that Country R\'s president was planning to deal with the He Lan family. If he didn\'t, he wouldn\'t have collected so much information on the He Lan family. He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to destroy them. However, he didn\'t dare make any moves because the He Lan family was holding his weakness in their grasp.

"I believe we can feel out this president, if our goal is similar, we can choose to cooperate with him," Xinghe told Mubai.

Mubai nodded. "It would be best if we can cooperate with him, it\'ll make dealing with the He Lan family easier. I\'m just afraid he is not trustworthy."

"That\'s my concern as well, but we can test him first."


"I will personally go make contact with him. If he has the intention of working with us, he will then have to come to us."

Mubai sighed. "You plan to return to Country R…"

Xinghe nodded. "I have to, if I don\'t, there will be no progress."

"When do you plan to go?" Mubai asked in a soft whisper and his gaze turned sad.

Xinghe hesitated. "In another two days, I\'ll be leaving with He Bin."

Mubai grabbed her hands and said firmly, "I\'ll go with you, this time, it\'ll be different from last time. You might come across danger this time."

Xinghe shook her head. "What about your company? Furthermore, I will have people protecting me; I\'ll be fine."

"Even so, I have to go with you. If the post of your bodyguard is filled, then I will just be by your side." Mubai\'s lips curved into a smile. "Or you don\'t wish to see me?"

She, of course, wouldn\'t mind having him by her side, but she didn\'t want to waste his time.

"Don\'t overthink this, everything here will be fine. If anything, not being with you will only make me more worried," Mubai said her concern and consoled softly.

Xinghe decided. "Okay, then let\'s go together!"

Mubai\'s face broke into a wide and attractive smile. He caressed the curve of her jaw and said softly, "You have to promise me we\'ll always be like this, okay?"

Xinghe blinked curiously. Like what?

"Bring me with you no matter where you go and don\'t let me go again…" Mubai suddenly leaned in and kissed her passionately on her lips.

After a discussion with the president, Xinghe planned to meet with Country R\'s president alongside with an ambassador. They even came up with the perfect reason to go to Country R, it was to deport He Bin.

At the same time, they would be sending Chui Ying home.

Of course, on paper, they wouldn\'t say they were deporting Chui Ying but escorting her back to her home country.