Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 740: Not His Son

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Chapter 740: Not His Son

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He Bin looked at her and he could find no words. He really didn\'t expect his president would be so guarded against the He Lan family. It was his assumption that the He Lan family and the Chui family were on the same boat…

"Now, do you still believe fully that He Lan Chang isn\'t really a suspect in your mother\'s death?" Xinghe asked clearly and this introduced another change on He Bin\'s face.

Xinghe\'s eyes that seemed to be able to see into people\'s hearts stared at him, and she said, "Your surname is not He Lan and there is a murderous aura around you; I believe your childhood must have been incredibly different to He Lan Qi\'s."

There was obvious shock in He Bin\'s eyes. Indeed, their experiences growing up were different, complete opposites one could say.

He Lan Qi was raised and primed as the next heir to the family. He was treated like a prince since he was young; he was given the best of everything; he was the He Lan family\'s young master by name and in reality.

However, he had a completely different upbringing. He was raised to become an assassin. He wasn\'t given any education other than how to kill and how to be a qualified assassin. He wasn\'t given any breaks, from his childhood, he could only remember his tough, and often cruel, training. In fact, He Lan Chang never once admitted that he was his son.

He told him he couldn\'t have the He Lan name because it would jeopardize his assassin identity. This way, even if he was captured, he wouldn\'t be linked back to the He Lan family. However, He Lan Chang would never hesitate to remind him that he was always a He Lan and he should put his family first.

Then again, he would never admit to the public that he was his son. The only time when he even conversed with his father was about the missions that he sent him on. He Lan Chang was more like his officer than his father.

However, when He Lan Chang was with He Lan Qi, he would materialize into a kind and loving father.

He Bin used to assume this was because He Lan Chang couldn\'t accept him because he was born out of wedlock. Therefore, he pushed himself even harder, so that one day, he could touch He Lan Chang and they would finally be a real family.

Now that he thought about it… Perhaps He Lan Chang didn\'t even treat him as his son from the very beginning. If his mother was really murdered by He Lan Chang, then what were the chances that he would form any family relationship with him? He probably kept him around because he was a convenient tool.

He Bin knew that all this was the truth, but he refused to believe his own father would treat his mother and him like this.

"You\'re doing all of this to get information from me, I\'m telling you again, I will not give up anything!" He Bin stressed once more, but it was hard to tell whether he was convincing Xinghe or himself.

Xinghe looked at him and said, "Don\'t worry, I won\'t force you to give up anything. I can find out more on my own. Men, take him away; keep him locked up and wait for my orders."

"Yes, Miss Xia." The few security officers moved to drag He Bin away.

After they left, Mubai immediately asked Xinghe, "What do you plan to do with him?"

Xinghe said with a smile, "Let him process this for a day then we\'ll let him go."

"Why?" Ali asked out of confusion.

Mubai raised his eyebrow because he read her thoughts. "You plan to let him confirm the authenticity of the news himself, right?"

"That\'s right." Xinghe nodded. "Just look at him, he will not admit the truth until it slaps him on his face. Furthermore, the enemy of our enemy is our friend, and he just might be our best ally."

"Ally?" Ali was confused again. "But he is He Lan Chang\'s son, will he betray him?"

"If He Lan Chang really murdered his mother, do you think he will continue working for the man?"