Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 739: He Lan Chang's Son

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Chapter 739: He Lan Chang\'s Son

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In other words, anything that could be found on him was discovered!

Even his phone records with He Lan Chang was unearthed. Even the police needed plenty of time to accrue as much information as she managed to uncover, yet she needed such a short amount of time.

He Bin was stunned speechless. He looked at Xinghe with a gaping mouth like he was staring at a monster.

Xinghe noticed this and asked him in return, "Do you know why I could discover so many things about you so fast?"

Is it not because you are scarily good with computers?

"All of this I took from Country R\'s intelligence agency. I just wanted to try my luck there, but all your information was sitting there for me to take."

"That is impossible!" He Bin countered subconsciously. Country R\'s intelligence agency only monitored dangerous or important individuals. Why would they keep tabs on someone as insignificant as him?

They wouldn\'t have known he was He Lan Chang\'s son because his father wouldn\'t sell him out, because he had been absolutely loyal to him and exposing him was equal to exposing himself.

"I also thought that was plenty curious, but since you\'re He Lan Chang\'s son born out of wedlock, it all makes sense." Xinghe flipped through the page and it revealed all the information on He Bin. If the earlier page contained all his public information that could be revealed, then this page was all the darker side of his life.

There was not only information on his past criminal activities, but also his relationship to He Lan Chang. However, the most curious part was the information on his mother\'s death.

His mother died when he was still a child from a sudden illness. The information stated the main suspect at the time was He Lan Chang…

He Bin was confounded as he took in the news. The person who killed my mother was Father? How is that possible?

"Don\'t try to fake this to get information out of me!" He Bin flared up suddenly. "Do you really think that I will fall for these kinds of cheap tricks? Don\'t make me laugh!"

"But everything else on this is accurate, right?" Xinghe asked.

He Bin couldn\'t deny that. Everything else on it was accurate, so his mother\'s death had to be as well. His face was dark because he found himself starting to believe it, despite his conviction otherwise.

"Why would the intelligence agency record something like this…" he asked in disbelief, even he himself didn\'t notice he was asking Xinghe, begging her for her help.

"He\'s right, why would the intelligence agency have his information and in such detail?" Ali was confused as well.

Xinghe\'s eyes shone brilliantly and explained, "If I\'m not mistaken, the only explanation is that Country R\'s president is collecting all of this information to guard against the He Lan family. Their cooperation is only surface level. He also wants to get rid of the He Lan family or else why would he have his men unearth so much information? He even used a very powerful encryption device to lock this information, but curiously enough, the password that secured your information is the same as the one that locks up Chui Ying\'s information."

He Bin was stunned. Naturally, he knew Chui Ying, she was the president\'s niece. However, their information was locked up using the same password, what did that represent?

Xinghe looked at him and said, "Why don\'t you give me another random person that currently works for the He Lan family and I will show you the same result. Their information will be locked behind the same password and it will contain many details as well."