Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 738: No Secret

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Chapter 738: No Secret

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Xinghe, this is his passport, he is from Country R," Ali pulled from his luggage his passport and passed it to Xinghe.

Xinghe looked at it and her gaze swept over Ah Bin. "He Bin?"

He Bin answered darkly, "That\'s right, I am from Country R, but what can that prove? I\'m following because you\'re rich, that\'s all."

Xinghe smiled lightly. Right then, the other men reported, "Mr. Xi, Miss Xia, his phone and computer are both coded, we can\'t open them."

He Bin felt confidence return to him. His phone and computer were locked with the most powerful code, it was a lock that normal computer experts wouldn\'t be able to solve. As long as they couldn\'t prove his connection to the He Lan family, he would shoulder all the blame.

However, He Bin soon found out how wrong he was.

"Give me the computer." Xinghe didn\'t ask him for the password but walked to the sofa and started operating on the computer that was passed to her. He Bin couldn\'t help but worry witnessing the masterful way she dealt with his computer.

Ali noticed his worry and smiled smugly. "Did you think that code could solve your problems? Open your eyes wide and watch closely. Your little password is nothing but a paper tiger, not able to withstand a single blow!"

"Done," Xinghe announced just as Ali finished her sentence!

Not only He Bin was shocked, even Ali was surprised. She ran to her side in disbelief. "You cracked it so fast!"

"That\'s right." Xinghe nodded and she already started to look through the computer.

Ali wheezed in bafflement. "Xinghe, you\'re like a monster! You took down the code in less than a minute, how can you be so fast?"

He Bin looked at them with utter disbelief. Xinghe explained, "The password he set was amateurish."

He Bin was speechless. His password was amateurish? It sounded more like she was the one that was not normal.

"Stay away from my computer! I\'m telling you, this is a violation of my privacy, I will definitely sue!" He Bin threatened nervously. Ali suddenly turned and launched a punch at his guts. He grunted in pain and glared viciously at her. However, Ali didn\'t back down and glared right back at him. He Bin suddenly realized they were of the same mold. If anything, the woman before him seemed to possess a deeper and darker murderous air around her.

Ali smirked coldly. "You tailed us while possessing a firearm and you have the face to threaten to sue us. You should be thankful that we didn\'t lodge a bullet in your head!"

"Tell us, why did the He Lan family send you to Hwa Xia?" Mubai demanded coldly.

He Bin knew he had no chance at an escape, so he opted for another tact. He pretended to know nothing. He smiled. "I don\'t understand what any of you are talking about. Don\'t think you can get any information out of me, I would rather die!"

Mubai smirked with derision. "That is no longer your choice. Since you\'ve fallen into our hands, all your secrets will be exposed."

He Bin straightened himself and laughed. "Then let\'s see how you\'re going to make me spill the information from my mouth."

"We might not even want to believe the information that comes out of your mouth." Xinghe\'s voice suddenly rang out. She took his computer with her and walked towards him. She pointed the screen at him and asked, "Take a look at this, is it all correct?"

He Bin glanced at it out of curiosity and his face involuntarily darkened!

All the information about him was on full display, his birthday, information about his mother, childhood, and everything he had done since he was an adult…