Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 736: Tracking Expert

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Chapter 736: Tracking Expert

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

This created the impression that she was looking for information at orphanages and that would definitely grind the other party\'s gears. In reality, she was putting out a bait by randomly visiting orphanages and it paid off handsomely!

Xinghe and Ali exited the car and entered the orphanage naturally. As they expected, the car tailing them also stopped. Exiting the car was a large man in a normal get-up that meant to make him look inconspicuous, he was Ah Bin, sent by He Lan Chang.

Ah Bin didn\'t follow them into the orphanage but walked towards a small restaurant next to it. He was a tracking expert, so he never let his victim notice his existence; he blended into the crowd perfectly like he was just a normal guy on a Monday stroll.

After he entered the restaurant, he took a corner seat by the window and used fluent Chinese to order three appetizers. Then, he pretended to relish the scenery when his complete focus was on the orphanage.

The appetizers were soon served, and Ah Bin started eating to keep up his pretense, but his eyes had never left the orphanage\'s entrance. Ali and Xinghe had been in the orphanage for a long time, they hadn\'t left even after Ah Bin finished his meal.

During that time, it was almost lunch and the patrons of the restaurant increased. The tables around him were all taken. On one table, two men in suits were chatting over alcohol, while on another table, a couple was arguing. The man seemed to have gotten too close to another woman and his girlfriend was grilling him. No matter how hard he tried to explain himself, his girlfriend was certain that he had cheated on her. Their argument got louder and louder.

The man, apparently ashamed, kept looking around as if afraid that they were being observed by others. He even tossed Ah Bin helpless looks several times. However, Ah Bin was uninterested in their business.

At the same time, the crowd out on the road had increased. A few schoolchildren were playing with an empty water bottle after school. One of them accidentally kicked the bottle under his car. He bent down to pull out the bottle and they continued their little game as they walked away.

Ah Bin put down his chopsticks and was deciding whether to abandon his post or not when Xinghe and Ali finally exited the orphanage. Ah Bin made sure they entered their car and had left before leaving the restaurant to go toward the orphanage.

He didn\'t plan to tail them anymore. The thing he needed to do then was to find out more from the orphanage, specifically what Xinghe was doing at the orphanage.

The result was disappointing. He realized they didn\'t do anything noteworthy at the orphanage, they merely came to make a donation.

When Ah Bin left the orphanage, naturally he couldn\'t spot Xinghe\'s car anymore. He planned to use another method to investigate Xinghe tomorrow, so he decided to retire for the day.

Ah Bin left in his car and returned to a villa that he had rented in the countryside. After he entered the living room, he pulled out his phone to report his daily findings to He Lan Chang. Not long after he finished that, his doorbell rang.

Ah Bin immediately prepared his pistol and sidled to the door cautiously. Through the electronic surveillance, he saw that it was an elderly man waiting outside. Ah Bin hesitated for a moment before letting his guard down and pulling open the door.

"Yes?" Before he could ask who the man was looking for, Ah Bin\'s face changed because a pistol was pointing right at his waist.

The elderly man straightened to his full height; he was almost as tall as Ah Bin.