Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 731: Don't Bully Her

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Chapter 731: Don\'t Bully Her

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"Xinghe, you\'re really my granddaughter, right? The DNA result is also real, isn\'t it?"

Xinghe nodded with a smile. "They are real."

Elder Shen still hadn\'t recovered from his shock. "How can things be so coincidental? How did you find out about the truth?"

"My mother also came from that orphanage. I only suspected they might be one and the same; I hadn\'t expected that the DNA result would prove me right," Xinghe answered happily.

Elder Shen was surprised. "Your mother also came from that same orphanage? That explains a lot, but how come I didn\'t hear you bring this up before?"

"I only found out about this recently too."

"Then where is your mother now‽" Elder Shen asked as he sat up straight.

Xinghe shook her head. "I\'m sorry, she has been missing for many years."

Elder Shen then remembered Xinghe mentioning that her mother had disappeared. The hope that he had brought up was vanquished and he visibly deflated.

"What if she got into some kind of accident? Would that explain her disappearance?" he asked in agitation.

Xinghe didn\'t answer, instead she asked, "Grandfather, do you believe that I am your granddaughter just like that? You don\'t want to redo the test?"

Elder Shen looked at her and said confidently, "I believe you because you have no reason to lie to me. I know you better than you think I do; I know you are above tricking me."

Xinghe was touched that he would trust her so implicitly.

"Grandfather, I\'m glad to have found you all; I will do everything I can to make up for the years that we have lost," Xinghe promised in a whisper. Tears welled up Elder Shen\'s eyes. With Tong Yan as his only heir, he really thought the Shen family was going to dry up. Thankfully, the heavens still smiled upon him, give him news about his lost daughter, and even presented him with a brilliant granddaughter.

He already liked Xinghe and now that she was his biological granddaughter, he was overjoyed. He felt comforted and proud that she was so capable and talented.

Elder Shen sighed. "The gods are still kind to me it seems. Even though the Shen family has lost a lot, they have given me you in return. I could die happy now that we have found you!"

"Elder Shen, it is Xinghe\'s joy too that she can reconnect with you all," Mubai added with a smirk. Xinghe looked at him with surprise, how could he read her thoughts?

However, she was thankful because he helped her voice out the things that she was too shy to say.

Elder Shen glanced at Mubai and when he did, he asked unconsciously, "Mubai, if I\'m not mistaken, you like our Xinghe, right?"

Mubai was slightly taken aback, he didn\'t expect this question. However, he recovered quickly and nodded seriously. "I do!"

"Do you two plan to remarry?"

"Yes! I\'m planning to remarry her, and I will never disappoint her again," Mubai answered in a serious tone.

Elder Shen suddenly started laughing. "Good, good! You\'ve promised to not disappoint our Xinghe, so if you dare to bully her in any way, remember that you have the whole Shen family to answer to."

Mubai nodded obediently, "I won\'t, I will not bully her, but she can bully me any time she wants."

Elder Shen started guffawing again. "Perfect, I\'ll be glad if you do end up together because you two do look perfect for each other."