Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 729: Completely Cross Her

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Chapter 729: Completely Cross Her

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

But after losing the Tong family, they would really be nothing. However, Tong Yan also understood it was too late to fix things now. She was no longer the precious Tong family\'s heiress. She would lose the respect that she had forced others into giving her. Her future was ruined… at least her mom had half her leg into the coffin, what about her?

She was only 22! She still had so much life in front of her…

Fear and despair gripped at Tong Yan\'s heart; she stood there like a mannequin as if her soul had left her body. She and Shen Ru had lost their earlier arrogance. Their effort and plan were ruined by a single DNA test report.

No matter how hard they laid claim to the moral high ground, the basis of their demand was undermined because Xinghe had the right to stay in the Shen family and kick them out because, unlike them, she was related to the Shen family by blood.

This development turned everything around. Now it seemed like Xinghe was in the right all along and they were exposed as the ones being unreasonable.

Shen Ru really didn\'t expect Xinghe to be part of the Shen family, but why would such an atrocious coincidence happen to her but not them? They deserved it more than she did…

The more Shen Ru dwelled on it, the more difficult she felt. Eventually, she started cackling like a crazy woman.

"She has lost it, everyone, stay away!" Ali yelled out in alarm. The crowd immediately parted from the pair of mother and daughter. The sudden isolation sent Shen Ru and Tong Yan into deeper despair. Even Chui Ying, who was isolated alongside them, was not feeling so peachy.

She didn\'t expect the plan that she had ninety percent confidence in would fail so gloriously. This is just perfect, now I\'m part of the laughing stock.

She, however, failed to realize that her bigger mistake was crossing the Shen family…

Thankfully, Xinghe was there to remind her of that. After all, Xinghe\'s target wasn\'t Tong Yan and Shen Ru but Chui Ying. She stared at Chui Ying and demanded chillingly, "Miss Chui, now do you still want the Shen family to observe their promise to you from so many years ago?"

Chui Ying\'s face fell. How could she answer this? Xinghe was related to the Shen family by blood, this was not a connection that she could remove easily.

However, she quickly calmed down and countered, "Who knows whether you are really related to the family or not? Even if you are, you have purposely kept it a secret to use it to shame Auntie Ru and Little Yan during this party, right? Xia Xinghe, you are truly one despicable woman!"

"May I remind you that it was you people who invited me to this party? Was it not you who started the aggression by demanding the Shen family cut ties from me?" Xinghe chided her with cold laugh. "If you people didn\'t already have the intention of taking revenge on us, would things have developed this way? So, who really is the one being despicable here? I\'m sure everyone has the answer in their hearts. In fact, I even suspect it is you, Miss Chui, who gave Tong Yan and Shen Ru the courage to act this way. So, Miss Chui, I return your exact words back to you, you are indeed one despicable woman."

"You, you are framing me…" Chui Ying stuttered. She didn\'t expect Xinghe would push all the blame onto her. She represented Country R\'s president and the Shen family had Hwa Xia\'s Madam President. If the Shen family really suspected her of manipulating Tong Yan and Shen Ru, it would be an international crisis. This was not a blame that she could shoulder.

"You know perfectly well whether I\'m framing you or not."