Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 724: Disown Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 724: Disown Xia Xinghe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Grandfather Shen." She turned towards Elder Shen and said in a convincing tone, "Do you still want to take Xia Xinghe as your step granddaughter even after she showed her true self‽"

Elder Shen glanced at Xinghe and answered softly, "This is the Shen family\'s own business; you shouldn\'t worry yourself over it."

Chui Ying gave a disappointed expression. "In other words, you\'re not going to do anything to punish her? Fine, Grandfather Shen, then you cannot fault me for what happens next. This is for the sake of Auntie Ru and Little Yan, at the same time, I hope it will be a wake-up call for you. Therefore, now I demand that you disown Xia Xinghe and I order the whole Shen family to cut all ties from her!"

Everyone was shocked. Who gave her the right to demand something like that?

Elder Shen was befuddled but he quickly caught up to Chui Ying\'s plan. As he expected, Chui Ying lifted her chin and announced arrogantly to the room, "Probably not everyone knows this, but the Shen family owes our Chui family a very big favor. Grandfather Shen once promised that he would fulfil a request made by our Chui family as long as the request doesn\'t violate human decency. Now I demand that you fulfil your promise and the request I make is for your Shen family to disown Xia Xinghe and there cannot be any interaction between you and her in the future!"

Xinghe raised her brow with interest. So, this is their plan… Invite us to the party and then perform a pity party to get the crowd to side with Shen Ru and Tong Yan, by creating the impression that it is because of me that the Shen family abandoned them. Then Chui Ying would step out because she \'couldn\'t stand to see such injustice\' and then propose this demand.

All of this to rationalize their ultimate goal of chasing Xinghe out of the Shen family. This was their way of taking revenge against her, to get Shen family to disown Xinghe. Since Xinghe chased them away, they were going to do the same with her. Of course, they had to do it in front of a large group, to maximize the shame that Xinghe would feel.

Xinghe assumed they would set a trap for her, but in the end, they came up with something as petty as this. She almost laughed in derision, because all their planning would be for nothing!

Elder Shen didn\'t know about the information in Xinghe\'s possession. He was indeed surprised by Chui Ying\'s request.

"You want our Shen family to disown Xinghe?" He asked in shock.

Chui Ying nodded. "That\'s right, if you cannot do it then it means that you are a liar. Grandfather Shen, I believe you are a man of your words so there is no way you wouldn\'t honor your own promise, right?"

Elder Shen was incensed. This was such an obvious oppression; however, he did owe Chui family a large favor.

"Change it to something else!" Elder Shen said with difficulty, "I personally accepted Xinghe as my granddaughter so how can I disown her. You\'re asking too much of me; I wish for you to change your request."

Chui Ying scoffed coldly. "It is asking too much of you to have disown Xia Xinghe, but when Xia Xinghe asked to cut ties with Auntie Ru and Little Yan, you agreed so easily! Grandfather Shen, your preferential treatment truly chills me to the core! However, I still demand that you disown Xia Xinghe right this moment or the entire Shen family will have proven themselves to be a hovel of ingrates and reprobates!"