Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 723: Frame Herself

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Chapter 723: Frame Herself

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"You\'re the shameless one!" Chui Ying was further enraged. "Who are you to get yourself into in the Shen family\'s business? Your plan is to consume Shen family after you chase Auntie Ru and Little Yan away, right? I ask everyone here, isn\'t a woman like her incredibly selfish, evil, calculative, and shameless?"

There were few in the crowd that nodded in agreement. Others didn\'t really side with Xinghe, but this argument had dragged on for so many chapters that they had a hard time following it. Both sides seemed to have their own logic even though Xinghe had never actually defended herself.

This was because it was never Xinghe\'s intention to argue with them when she had the facts on her side. She didn\'t feel like she was required to explain herself to Tong Yan and Shen Ru. She only knew they had taken over everything that belonged to her mother. Therefore, it was time for them to make themselves scarce!

No one had the right to lay claim to the stuff that should belong to her mother, especially not Shen Ru and Tong Yan. She would not hesitate to teach them a lesson if they were so stubborn.

However, it was still not yet time to tip her hand since her enemies hadn\'t made their move yet. She was going to lure them into playing their trump card and then she was going to pick up that card and slap their faces with it!

"You said I am selfish, evil and shameless," Xinghe commented snidely, "But at least I\'m better than them because the Shen family admitted me into their fold, but they have kicked these two out. On this point alone, I have more rights than these two to be involved in the Shen family\'s business. And you\'re right, it is my intention to chase them away because the Shen family no longer has any space for them. In fact, I will do you one better and tell everyone here openly, as long as I am around, they will never return to the Shen family. So, what are you going to do about that?"

"You…" Chui Ying was beside herself with anger. She didn\'t expect Xinghe to claim something so shameless so openly. Shen Ru, Tong Yan, and everyone there were surprised by her utter shamelessness.

How shameless is she to be able to say something like that without batting an eye? Isn\'t she afraid Elder Shen will have some opinions about what she said?

Elder Shen was indeed baffled when she said that. Wasn\'t she doing herself a disservice by saying those things?

However, he understood Xinghe wasn\'t someone that dumb, she wouldn\'t commit to something like this without a deeper purpose. Elder Shen snuck a glance at Mubai and noticed he didn\'t seem to be surprised by what Xinghe said. In fact, he looked like he approved of the message. Elder Shen hesitated but finally decided to keep his opinions to himself.

However, the same couldn\'t be said for everyone else.

"How can this woman be so vicious? Madam President only recently accepted her as her stepdaughter, and she really thinks she is a part of the Shen family? How can she be so shameless?"

"You\'re right, she is indeed shameless to a fault."

"Not only that, she is also incredibly arrogant! The Shen family must have lost their minds when they accepted someone like her into their family."

"I\'ve never seen a more shameless woman in my life!"

Everyone was heckling Xinghe. Witnessing this, Chui Ying\'s group was delighted. The dumb woman had handed them the smoking gun!

Now, the time was ripe for them to finally send her directly from heaven to hell!

It was time for Chui Ying to perform her coup-de-grace.