Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 720: Angered Elder Shen

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Chapter 720: Angered Elder Shen

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Everyone heard her, right? It is because of her that Grandfather refuses to accept us! Xia Xinghe, what have we done to you to make you come after us with such malice? Fine, since you\'re so vicious, then we will not hold back anymore, from this moment on, my mother and I will do anything to defeat you!" Tong Yan quickly pushed the blame onto Xinghe.

Only by doing that could their future actions against Xinghe be rationalized. No matter what they did in the future, they would be forgiven because they were the ones being bullied. Everyone loves a comeback story.

Shen Ru took her cue and said, "Xia Xinghe, you are so calculative even at such a young age, you are truly a complicated woman! If we let an evil vixen like you continue to wander the Earth, then we will be doing the world a disservice! Today, we are exposing you to the whole world; it is time for you to receive your due punishment!"

Then, she raised her hand to slap Xinghe—

Before her slap could land, Mubai got hold of her in his firm grasp. His squeezed on her wrist and glared into her eyes. "Do you think she is someone you can even touch?"

Shen Ru was startled by the wrath in his eyes. "Let, let me go…"

"Get lost!" Mubai swung her off with derision and warned, "If you want to die then try that again!"

Shen Ru fell to the floor with a scream.

"Mommy!" Tong Yan ran to catch her. She yelled, "Security, Xi Mubai is attacking people! Someone call the cops; the Xi family is assaulting people!"

The security rushed over immediately but they didn\'t do anything against Mubai. He wasn\'t someone they could cross.

"What are you people standing there for? Toss him out immediately or he will continue to attack us!" Shen Ru struggled upright and ordered vehemently.

"Exactly who is the one being aggressive?" Xinghe suddenly said as she stared at them coldly. "I believe everyone here saw it was you who came to slap me first."

"That is because, as your elder, I have the right to teach you a lesson. Is it wrong for me to straighten your evil ways?" Shen Ru demanded in return.

Elder Shen couldn\'t hold in his anger anymore. "Enough! What are you planning that you are slandering the name of a good person like Xinghe? Not only that, you two are plotting against me as well! I really didn\'t know there is such a side to the two of you!"

Elder Shen was really angered; he felt chilled by this new discovery. It was like he was seeing them for the first time, for who they really were. They might resent him for abandoning them, but that was no grounds for them to slander his name. He had loved them for decades and even if he knew they were part of the Lin family and had helped them, he asked the police to leave them be.

He just needed time before he could accept them again, but they had decided to deliberately smear his name simply because he didn\'t allow them to re-enter the Shen family. Even if they resented him, they should have known better than to doubt his character.

He couldn\'t help but ask himself, Do they really do not know what kind of person I am?

Finally, he understood; they did know him, but they were willfully creating this rumor about him. Elder Shen was not stupid, of course he realized they were taking revenge against him.

As he expected, his anger did nothing to stop them.

"Father, how can you say something like that to us‽"