Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 715: Your Knight

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Chapter 715: Your Knight

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"Xinghe, how do you think they will plot against you at the party?" Ali asked worriedly.

Xinghe was not worried, in fact she was excited. "At least they won\'t kill me in open daylight."

"Will they come up with a trap to frame you?"

"Most likely."

"Then, I will be by your side at all times; I will not let anything happen to you!" Ali promised.

Xinghe smiled. "Don\'t worry, nothing will happen to me. I still have the power of agency; their tricks will be useless against me."

Ali also laughed. "That\'s right, I forgot you are Elder Shen\'s biological granddaughter, so no matter what they do to you, it\'ll be useless. Plus, even Madam President is on your side."

Tong Yan would never expect something as ridiculous as this, so this party would be an interesting show. Ali realized, ever since she followed Xinghe, she also gained some sadistic tendencies, she loved watching her enemies being face-slapped. The harsher the slap the better she felt. Therefore, even before the party, Ali already couldn\'t wait for the face-slapping to begin.

Soon, Tong Yan\'s birthday party arrived. Xinghe planned to attend the party with her best get-up. Even though she liked to keep a low profile normally, there was a time and place for everything. She couldn\'t come in a normal garb or she would lose in terms of presence!

For the purpose of this party, Xinghe had a ruby red gown specially tailored. The dress shimmered like gems on her body. Even Ali, a woman, had a hard time taking her eyes off Xinghe when she put the dress on.

"Xinghe, how can you be so beautiful‽ You are so gorgeous. In fact, if I were a man, I would be heads over heels for you!" Ali gasped.

"Thank you. Is everything ready?" Xinghe asked softly.

Ali nodded. "Yes, everything\'s ready, we can leave now!"

"Okay, let\'s go." Xinghe was taking her first step when the door of the living room was pushed open from the outside. Mubai strode in confidently. Xinghe and Ali were startled when they saw him!

They didn\'t expect him to appear so suddenly and in such a formal and graceful outfit. Mubai had on an expensive, hand-sewn suit, and his hair was even styled. He looked like a royal prince. From the top of his head to the tip of his toe, there was not an inch of him that was not eye grabbing. Combined with his blessed good looks and impressive physical body, it felt like they were graced by the presence of a god.

Ali\'s jaw was completely open and even Xinghe was taken aback.

However, she quickly recovered. She breathed out in some degree of shock, "Why are you here?"

Mubai walked towards her and said gallantly, "How can I not be here if I\'m your knight?"

"My knight?"

Mubai nodded with a delicious smile. "That\'s right. A lady like yourself needs her knight to accompany her to the parties, and I am always at your service."

Xinghe understood what he meant. He was there to support her. Indeed, it was weird for a woman to attend a party like this alone, she would need a date.