Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 714: Hong Men Banquet

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Chapter 714: Hong Men Banquet

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Their goal had shifted from returning to the Shen family to taking revenge on Xinghe. However, no one would come to their aid. The Shen family had cut all ties to them and the Tong family would not go against the Xi family for them.

Shen Ru and Tong Yan\'s position was extremely awkward. Even though Tong Yan was still the Tong family\'s heiress, that was only in name, they didn\'t really need her. Therefore, they could only rely on Chui Ying.

Chui Ying came from an impressive family and the Shen family owed them a favor, so she was the best candidate.

Chui Ying didn\'t mind helping them especially after Shen Ru presented her with many valuable gifts.

"But if I help you take revenge against Xia Xinghe, the Shen family will probably have issues with it and will not take both of you back anymore," Chui Ying voiced her concern.

Shen Ru said coldly, "It\'s their fault for abandoning us first, so why should we be worried about them? Do the worst you can, we no longer care about the Shen family."

Tong Yan nodded with a condescending smile. "That\'s right, what is so good about the Shen family‽ They asked for this when they treated us so badly. In fact, it would be perfect if you can crush the Shen family when you take down Xia Xinghe!"

Shen Ru gritted her teeth with malice. "That\'s right, ruin them as well! This is their own fault for turning their backs on us; they have forced our hand, so they only have themselves to blame!"

Chui Ying noted their attitude and smiled satisfactorily. "No problem, then I will help you take revenge on them all. Just wait and see, I will make that woman Xia Xinghe lose all her face and everything she\'s got!"

"Ying Ying, thank you very much. No matter what you need from us in the future, we will not hesitate to help you," Shen Ru grabbed her hand and promised kindly.

Chui Ying couldn\'t suppress the smug smile on her face. "Auntie Ru, you\'re being too kind. This is what I should do, no matter your needs, I will not hesitate to help."

"It is the same for us! If you need us in the future, don\'t hesitate to say so!" Shen Ru replied firmly, cementing their relationship as allies. She was glad to find an ally in the Chui family, after all, other than them, she and Tong Yan had no other people to rely on in the world.

Thankfully, Chui Ying didn\'t seem to look down on them, she even offered to help them. This made Shen Ru and Tong Yan very happy because both of them thought they had found themselves an easy to control pawn.

Little did they know, when they weren\'t looking, Chui Ying revealed a strange and calculative smile as she studied the pair of mother and daughter.

To help Tong Yan and Shen Ru, Chui Ying decided to throw Tong Yan a massive birthday bash. Shen Ru even personally went to invite the Shen family.

They initially wanted to reject the invitation, but Shen Ru said that they really wanted them to attend the party, they just wanted to thank them for their years of care and love. The party was going to be their parting ceremony, she promised they would not bother them anymore after this. If they didn\'t accept the invitation, it would haunt the mother and daughter forever.

However, the crucial reason was Xinghe also suggested that Elder Shen accept the invitation. Of course, this meant that Xinghe had received the invitation as well.

It was Tong Yan\'s birthday, but she was part of the guest list? It was obvious that this was a Hong Men Banquet 1 .

However, this was exactly what Xinghe was waiting for, for them to strike!