Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 711: Gobble Her Up

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Chapter 711: Gobble Her Up

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Later, she even linked her hands around the back of his neck, her way of responding back to him. Mubai\'s kiss got even deeper after she reciprocated…

This was probably what it felt like when they said the world was spinning. Besieged by her man, Xinghe felt her mind giving in to him. After what seemed like forever, the man finally parted unwillingly and put her down. Xinghe was still catching her breath.

They looked at each other and there was a deep communication of love and desire between them. In fact, Mubai\'s eyes were so scary, it felt like he was going to gobble her up.

However, he suppressed it!

It was still not the time, he hadn\'t officially proposed to her yet, so he was going to wait. However, he couldn\'t help biting her earlobe and whispered wickedly, "That\'s just a taste of the fun we\'re going to have on our wedding night."

That made Xinghe shiver and she pushed him lightly away in a flustered manner. She didn\'t dare to meet his eyes when she said, "Why did you come so suddenly and not inform me first?"

Mubai saw the blush on her face and knew she was being shy. He grabbed her proprietarily and said with a smile, "I wanted to make it a surprise. Are you happy to see me?"

Xinghe looked at him but didn\'t answer, the romantic words just couldn\'t tumble out of her mouth as easy as Mubai. Normally, she could still say something through the phone, but she couldn\'t bring herself to do it face to face.

Mubai didn\'t force her and continued in a low growl, "I\'m happy because this feels like a reunion after years of being apart."

He couldn\'t wait to come find her when he knew she had landed. They were only away from each other for a week, but to him, it felt like seven years instead of seven days. Actually, Xinghe missed him as well…

"It\'s just right that you came, I want to discuss something with you," Xinghe said officially. "I stumbled upon some secrets."

"What is it?" Mubai also turned serious and prepared to listen.

Xinghe stared at him and said, "Tong Yan has a good friend by the name of Chui Ying, she is Country R\'s president\'s niece. The Chui family once saved Madam President\'s life, so they owe them big time. Now Tong Yan has brought Chui Ying to come help her to return to the Shen family, but their plan has been ruined by me…"

"They deserved it. Don\'t worry, no matter how powerful that woman\'s background is, I will protect you." Mubai thought she was afraid of the repercussion.

Xinghe couldn\'t help but laugh. "You thought I was worried? That\'s not what I want to talk to you about, I meant to tell you, Chui Ying is He Lan Qi\'s fiancé."

Mubai was taken aback. "How did you find out?"

"I hacked into Country R\'s national registry database," Xinghe said easily, but it was shocking to Mubai. It was not easy for anyone to hack into a country\'s database, so how come it sounded like a walk in the park for Xinghe?

This was the proof of her capability, the one thing that put her above every other force.

"But this news is not known to the public." Mubai frowned with curiosity.

Xinghe nodded. "Indeed, this is treated as a family secret, so much so that I suspect only a select few know about their engagement."

"There must be some hidden trades between the He Lan family and Chui family," Mubai suggested.

"I also didn\'t expect that they would be so powerful, so it will be extra difficult to deal with them."