Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 709: Fiance

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Chapter 709: Fiance

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"That\'s right, she is too evil, she is just an outsider, so who gave her right to not be satisfied with me? This is between the Shen family and me, so what does she have to do with it? She is just a hateful b*tch, simply because Auntie took her as her stepdaughter, she assumed she can lay claim to everything in the Shen family!" Tong Yan complained with anger and sadness.

Chui Ying, a self-proclaimed good person, couldn\'t suffer such shameless person. Tong Yan was her best friend, so of course, she had to step in.

"Little Yan, don\'t worry, I will help you take revenge on her. I will help you reclaim everything and make sure she loses everything!" Chui Ying promised with confidence and Tong Yan stopped crying.

"Ying Ying, thank you, you\'re really the best!"

Chui Ying said rather smugly, "Of course, furthermore, only I can help you, so if I don\'t come to your rescue, who will?"

"Ying Ying, you\'re the best, the greatest in the world!" Tong Yan started sucking up to her \'friend\' again. Earlier when they were friends, they were on the same level, but now that Tong Yan had slipped on the social ladder, Chui Ying enjoyed lavishing charity on her once friend. Tong Yan, of course, knew about this as well, she played into Chui Ying\'s ego simply to get her aid. In fact, Tong Yan was internally pleased because she still had her \'friend\' wrapped around her finger.

After hanging up on Tong Yan, Xinghe started researching information on Chui Ying. Chui Ying came from Country R and probably was related to Country R\'s president. Furthermore, she was related to Tong Yan, so Xinghe wanted to know whether she could make use of the woman as an opening to hit at the He Lan family.

After all, the reason the He Lan family could do so many things in Country R was because they were deeply involved in Country R\'s politics, and in that case, they were probably related to their president. Even if there was no such relationship, Xinghe intended to use Chui Ying to get close to the most powerful person in Country R.

More allies meant a better chance at dealing with the He Lan family. In conclusion, Xinghe would not give up on any opportunity, if anything, she would help herself create an opportunity. That was why she purposely angered Tong Yan to see whether Chui Ying would come to the girl\'s aid. If she got herself involved, then Xinghe would have a better chance at getting to her.

Xinghe had no idea how right she was. When she investigated Chui Ying, she found out so much valuable information.

Chui Ying was not only related to Country R\'s president; the president was her uncle. Other than that, in Country R\'s citizen registry database, it was clearly listed that Chui Ying was an engaged woman and her fiancé… was He Lan Qi!

When Xinghe saw this, even she was startled. Then she started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. It was as if the plot devices were falling into place, Chui Ying was so conveniently He Lan Qi\'s fiancé. It was hard to believe such a coincidence existed.

She only wanted to get to know more about Country R through Chui Ying, but she ended up with more than she bargained for. If she missed this opportunity, she probably would have hated herself, thankfully, her instincts had always been correct. And she always believed that there was no lack of opportunities in the world, only those that let opportunity slip through their fingers.

This opportunity was hers, and in that moment, Xinghe\'s confidence to take down the He Lan family increased manifold!