Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 708: I'm Creating an Opportunity for Myself

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Chapter 708: I\'m Creating an Opportunity for Myself

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"But Xinghe, I\'ve always thought you\'re above these kinds of trivialities, I\'m surprised you would fight for your territory with such vehemence!"

Xinghe questioned, "Do you think I shouldn\'t have done it?"

"No, don\'t get me wrong! I love it, you should definitely fight for things that belong to you! Xinghe, I love this side of you and I thought you would just ignore that Tong Yan. Who knew you already have her in your crosshairs? I\'m impressed! You\'ve even used the search for your mother as a leverage to pull off your plan; it\'s rather sinister, but I love it!"

"To be fair, I didn\'t technically lie to Grandfather," Xinghe clarified. Ali was baffled.

"My demand for Grandfather to cut ties with Tong Yan and Shen Ru does relate to the search for my mother. This is a gamble to create an opportunity for myself, but it will depend on their reaction to see how this thing will unfold," Xinghe explained calmly but it didn\'t help clear Ali\'s confusion much. However, she did get the gist of the plan.

Xinghe purposely had Elder Shen disown Shen Ru and Tong Yan to have them target Xinghe with their anger. According to Xinghe, this was a plan that killed two birds with one stone. It would not only allow Elder Shen to see Shen Ru and Tong Yan\'s ugly side but also create the opportunity for Xinghe to advance the search for her mother.

But how? Ali couldn\'t come up with an answer no matter how hard she racked her brain. She eventually resigned to let Xinghe handle all planning. She must have her reasons for making such a move. Ali\'s role as her friend was only to support her with all her might!

Xinghe\'s plan was soon put into motion. The moment they arrived at Hills Residence, Tong Yan\'s call came.

Tong Yan\'s screeching voice came from the other end as Xinghe picked up the phone.

"Xia Xinghe, you b*tch! What did you tell grandpa to make him treat us like this? Why did you frame me? What is your motive for doing this to me?"

Tong Yan\'s voice was so loud on the phone that even Ali could hear her. Facing this maniac, Xinghe was completely unfazed; she merely moved the phone further away from her ear. On the other end of the line, Tong Yan was still venting and yelling her heart out.

Xinghe let her bark for a little while longer before saying coldly, "And I thought you would still have some brain in you, but it looks like you\'re as brainless as they come."

Tong Yan was startled by the sudden insult. "What did you say‽"

"What\'s my intention? That\'s easy, because I hate you, so let me ask you, why did you think I did what I did?" Xinghe said with a smirk before she ended the call.

Tong Yan felt the veins in her forehead popping from sheer anger.

"Xia Xinghe, how dare you, you b*tch‽" Alas, Xinghe had already hung up and she was only yelling into the abyss. The enraged Tong Yan threw the phone at the wall and climbed into Chui Ying\'s arms to cry her heart out.

"Ying Ying, what should I do? That Xia Xinghe hates me, so she purposely made Grandpa treat us like this. I\'ve wasted so much energy trying to get Grandpa to accept us again, but she has ruined everything! Ying Ying, that b*tch has ruined everything again, I\'m left with nothing, what can I do…"

Chui Ying was angry on Tong Yan\'s behalf.

"How can that Xia Xinghe do something like this? She is so venomous, worse than the world\'s most poisonous viper! Who does she think she is when she is not even one tenth of your toenail‽ She has truly opened my eyes because I didn\'t know such a vicious snake actually existed in the world before!"