Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 703: Rivalry

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Chapter 703: Rivalry

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However, his resolve was crumbling when they came to beg him like this. After all, decades of family memories couldn\'t be removed just like that. Elder Shen was fair to the public, but he always had a soft spot when it came to his family.

Shen Ru and Tong Yan were not his blood kin, but he had been with them for decades, so it would be a lie to say he wasn\'t attached to them in some ways. Furthermore, some time had passed since the incident. Combined with Tong Yan\'s effort to endear to him, his heart softened even more.

Elder Shen knew deep down he couldn\'t really cut them off from his life. He was willing to sacrifice his whole life for Tong Yan before when he allowed her to marry Lin Xuan, so it went without saying that he cared for her.

Elder Shen looked at Tong Yan and said, "Little Yan, if you really have learnt your lesson, then Grandpa doesn\'t mind taking you back, but there is one thing you have to be clear about, I will never forgive the Lin family."

Tong Yan felt joy surge up in her heart and immediately declared, "Grandpa, I have nothing to do with the Lin family! They are a bunch of evil people and they were never a part of Mom\'s and my life, so I will never admit them as my kin. They deserve everything that they got so don\'t worry, we will always be by your side, supporting you and not them!"

Tong Yan continued, "Mommy thinks so as well, in our hearts, you and the Shen family are our real family. We have cut all ties with the Lin family and will not pity them one bit. There is only regret that we were fooled by them before. If possible, Mommy and I would rather die than be associated with the Lin family! Grandpa, we only see the Shen family as family and no one else."

Elder Shen was touched by her proclamation. He sighed in relief, knowing they had learned their lesson and made their position clear. The awkwardness in his heart was slowly released.

Elder Shen finally smiled at her and said, "It\'s good that you two have seen the right way. To be honest, Grandpa doesn\'t have the heart to leave you two out there alone, but certain things cannot revert to their original state no matter how hard we try."

"No problem!" Tong Yan said with red-rimmed eyes, "Grandpa, I don\'t mind how you treat us as long as you see us as family again. Just don\'t treat us like strangers, it really hurts our hearts."

"Grandfather Shen, you see, the Shen family is the most important thing in Little Yan\'s heart…" Chui Ying helped.

Elder Shen was slowly swayed by their persuasion and his heart slowly opened to accept Tong Yan again. After all, it had been a twenty-year-long habit for him to pamper and spoil Tong Yan. The moment that first defense was breached, it was easy for Tong Yan to worm her way back to Elder Shen\'s heart.

Tong Yan was overjoyed and kept engaging him in conversation to make sure that he didn\'t have time for Xinghe. Even though Xinghe was neglected, she didn\'t show any annoyance on her face, she just looked at this with a detached eye.

But, Ali was angered on her behalf!

Who was this Tong Yan to isolate Xinghe in front of Elder Shen? Looking at the way Elder Shen slowly warmed back up to Tong Yan, she had the urge to tell him Xinghe was his real granddaughter!

Tong Yan had no right to squeeze Xinghe out of the picture, but since Xinghe showed no response, Ali didn\'t dare to do anything on her own. She could only satisfy herself with the knowledge of the truth.

Probably Ali\'s dissatisfaction was too obvious that Elder Shen suddenly told Tong Yan, "I have something to discuss with Xinghe, so you keep yourself busy with Ying Ying for now."

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