Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 702: Softhearted

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Chapter 702: Softhearted

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Tong Yan sidled up to Elder Shen and opened her mouth to beg.

"Grandpa, we also want to stay for dinner.

"Grandpa, please don\'t ignore me.

"Grandpa, I really miss you and I can\'t stand to be away from you."

It was so rare for Tong Yan to use the pity card.

Elder Shen looked at her and sighed. "Then stay if you really want to. Ying Ying, you should stay for dinner as well. By the way, how are your parents, and when did you arrive at Hwa Xia?"

Chui Ying sat down and replied, with a smile, "Grandfather Shen, I arrived yesterday. My parents and grandparents are doing fine, in fact, they asked me to send you their regards. How about Auntie Yu, how is she doing?"

"She\'s doing well, we all are. Remember to send my regards to your parents and grandparents as well."

"That\'s good. In fact, we\'ve heard about what happened to your family earlier; my grandparents felt saddened when they heard about it. You know Little Yan and I have been friends since we\'re young, so I couldn\'t help but feel sorry for her. Grandfather Shen, Little Yan is actually also an innocent victim in all of this and she really couldn\'t bring herself to stay away from you." Chui Ying put in good words for Tong Yan. She knew it would be able to sway Elder Shen\'s opinion.

After all, Elder Shen was clear-sighted enough to realize he shouldn\'t pin the older generation\'s mistake on Tong Yan. Furthermore, Tong Yan practically grew under his gaze, so he was very partial towards her. If they managed to get Elder Shen to soften his attitude towards Tong Yan, then Tong Yan could continue to be a Shen.

Chui Ying dared to bring this up because she noticed the way Elder Shen treated Tong Yan. He was still soft-hearted toward the granddaughter that he raised.

As she expected, Elder Shen sighed. "None of us blamed her but there are many things you don\'t understand that had happened. Let\'s not talk about those sad things anymore. Actually, I\'m impressed that you two stayed friends throughout the years."

"Of course, since I\'ve recognized her as my friend, then she will be my friend for life," Chui Ying said with pride.

Tong Yan took the cue and raised her hand to say, "Grandpa, me too! I\'ve recognized you as my grandpa and so you will always be my grandpa! The Shen family will always be my family; I am a Shen as long as I have a breath in me!"

Elder Shen was taken aback as if touched by Tong Yan\'s proclamation. Chui Ying noted his response and quickly gave Tong Yan a signal.

Tong Yan understood and went forward to wrap around Elder Shen\'s arm and started to weep. "Grandpa, I know I\'ve been an unruly child, but I promise I will change from now on! Can you please not toss me out? I don\'t want to lose any of you. I want you to be my grandpa forever!"

"Grandfather Shen, why don\'t you take back Little Yan, she really has learnt her lesson and she really doesn\'t want to part with any of you. Little Yan is your only granddaughter, even though there is no blood relation between both of you, she grew up before your very eyes. I\'m sure you wouldn\'t want to disown her because of mistake that is not her own, right?" Chui Ying continued.

Elder Shen was visibly touched. Chui Ying was right; Elder Shen did miss Tong Yan. After all, she was his only granddaughter, one who he had lavished all his affection on.

In fact, he didn\'t have the heart to disown Shen Ru either.

However, keeping them around would only remind Elder Shen of everything the Lin family did. Therefore, at least for now, he wouldn\'t be able to accept Shen Ru and Tong Yan back with open arms.