Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 701: Deserving Faceslap

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Chapter 701: Deserving Faceslap

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That woman could perhaps help Tong Yan take revenge on Xinghe or else Tong Yan wouldn\'t be so smug. She had come prepared. Alas, no matter which reinforcement Tong Yan brought in, Xinghe\'s relation to the Shen family couldn\'t be shaken, and she would help Tong Yan understand why she had the right to be a part of the Shen family!

Ali couldn\'t wait for the face-slapping to begin. If Tong Yan didn\'t come to enrage them first, they probably would have left her be. Since she was asking for a good old-fashioned face slap, then they would have no choice but to oblige. Imagining Tong Yan\'s face as she got face-slapped made Ali laugh aloud.

She even hoped that Tong Yan would act more arrogantly and smugly, because the face slap would only get harder and spicier!

It would be extremely satisfactory watching Tong Yan get face-slapped, it would be like scratching that hard to reach itch.

Xinghe and Tong Yan both entered the Shen family\'s living room, nursing their own thoughts.

Noticing Elder Shen sitting on the couch, Tong Yan immediately pushed Xinghe out of the way and tried to suck up to him. "Grandpa, I came to visit you! How\'s your health recently, where\'s Grandma, is she home? I\'ve missed both of you so much. Ying Ying also just came over to Hwa Xia on holiday, so I brought her with me."

Tong Yan would never say something like this before. She was always such an unruly child even when she was facing her elders. However, she had changed and now knew how to suck up to others.

Elder Shen glanced at her uninterestedly and greeted Chui Ying with a thin smile. "Ying Ying, it has been so long, I cannot even remember the last time you came to Hwa Xia."

Chui Ying smiled kindly in response. "It has been two long years since I came to Hwa Xia. It is going to be Little Yan\'s birthday soon, so I purposely came to celebrate it with her and stopped by to pay you a visit while I\'m here."

"Good, good." Elder Shen nodded.

Then, his eyes fell on Xinghe and his face broke into a surprised and kind smile. "Xinghe has also returned? Come and quickly sit down. How was your journey? I hope it wasn\'t too difficult. How come you didn\'t tell me you are returning? I would have sent someone to pick you up."

"It\'s okay, I left on a short notice after all," Xinghe answered with a smile and her eyes couldn\'t help but look kindly at Elder Shen. Previously, she didn\'t feel such an obvious bond with him, but now that she knew the truth, she had a new appreciation of her newfound family. After all, this was her grandfather, her family and kin.

Xinghe didn\'t have a family from the grandparent\'s generation, suddenly she found herself sitting across from one, so she couldn\'t help but felt blessed.

Elder Shen could sense the love and respect Xinghe was sending his way and he felt instantly better, he didn\'t mind Tong Yan\'s sudden arrival anymore.

"Why are you still standing? Maid, bring out the tea and biscuits. Also, start preparing dinner, remember to prepare the dishes that Xinghe likes to eat," Elder Shen ordered the maid happily.

"Yes, sir." The maid nodded and went away to prepare.

Elder Shen turned to Xinghe with a gentle and happy smile. "Xinghe, if you have any craving, please tell me, I will have them prepare it for you."

"Okay." Xinghe nodded with a smile. Her heart was filled with warmth. She smiled even broader at Elder Shen.

Tong Yan, who saw all of this happening before her eyes, was instantly filled with envy and resentment!