Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 699: Rush to the Shen Family

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Chapter 699: Rush to the Shen Family

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Only with a wealth of information could Xinghe devise a plan to completely destroy them!

Of course, even after she had returned to Hwa Xia, she could continue to come up with ways to deal with them, but the most important thing she needed to do then was to rush to the Shen family, to inform them of the truth, especially, the fact that her mother was the Shen family\'s second daughter.

Therefore, Xinghe\'s plane didn\'t land in City T but in City A. After landing, she rushed to the Shen family\'s house. Only Ali followed her on this return. Sam and the guys stayed in Country R to protect and assist Ee Chen collecting more information on the He Lan family.

In the car, Ali was overly excited like it was her who was related to the Shen family and not Xinghe. "Xinghe, do you think Elder Shen will faint from sheer joy when he finds out you\'re his biological granddaughter?"

Xinghe smiled slightly. "I hope he doesn\'t."

"I know he will be very happy and love you even more. He already treats you so nicely even though he doesn\'t know you two are related by blood, so this will be such good news for him. The world is so small, I\'m sure no one could have predicted that you are really related to them…" Ali sighed happily; she was very happy for Xinghe. Perhaps influenced by Ali, Xinghe also started to get a little excited and anxious. Honestly, she had no idea how Elder Shen and the rest of the Shen family would react…

She knew she was happy because she finally found her mother\'s kin and she would have more family to care about in the world. She would treat the Shen family like she treated Xia Zhi and her uncle. Many things were unstable in the world, but family ties would always be an exception because blood is thicker than water.

Finally, they arrived at the Shen family\'s door. To Xinghe\'s surprise, there was another guest that day. It was Tong Yan!

Like in the movies, their cars came from opposite ends of the road and stopped together in front of the entrance. Xinghe descended from her car and saw Tong Yan exiting her own car. She had beside her a young and beautiful woman who Xinghe had not seen before.

Resentment immediately bubbled up in Tong Yan\'s eyes when she saw Xinghe. After Madam President accepted Xinghe as her stepdaughter, Tong Yan had nothing but jealousy and resentment towards Xinghe. Xinghe not only ruined her life but also had assumed her role, so how could she live that down‽

Therefore, Tong Yan would never forgive Xinghe as long as she had a breath in her and would do everything she could to make Xinghe\'s life difficult.

Someone as fiery and unreasonable as her naturally couldn\'t suppress her anger and resentment when she noticed Xinghe. "Just returned from the overseas and the first thing she does is to come suck up to our Shen family. Xia Xinghe, don\'t you ever think simply because Auntie accepted you as her stepdaughter, you are really a part of the Shen family. You\'d better take a good look at yourself and realize that you are not qualified to bear the Shen name! If you\'re clever, you should take your commoner\'s ass far away from my family and stop trying to affiliate yourself to us, because it\'s very humiliating for us!"

The first thing that came out of her mouth was something so unsightly, so Ali retorted angrily, "Who do you think you are that you dare to talk to Xinghe like this‽"

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