Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 698: Leaving Country R

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Chapter 698: Leaving Country R

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The fact that they were heartless enough to cremate a living little girl made chills run down everyone\'s spines. If not for the anonymous tip, the girl\'s ending would have been indescribably torturous. Thinking about that made Ali\'s group yearn to snap all of the He Lan family\'s necks!

Xinghe shared their anger but she understood the importance of keeping a cool head.

"There is no way to destroy them yet," Xinghe answered coldly. "This might bring them some trouble, but they\'ll have plenty of ways to deal with it. It is not enough to destroy them."

"Then what can we do? Let them continue these atrocities? Who knows how many innocent children they will continue to kill? In fact, perhaps those children bodies they have cremated were not bodies but living children!" Ali said in a tone that oozed with hatred. It lit up the hatred in everyone\'s hearts.

A flash of severity appeared in Xinghe\'s eyes. "Of course, they will have to be punished. Don\'t worry, I will make sure they pay for this! But now, we will have to wait."

"Wait for what?" Ee Chen was curious.

Xinghe replied softly, "For an opportunity."

"An opportunity that is better than this?" Ali\'s group was confused; they couldn\'t understand what she meant.

Xinghe nodded. "That\'s right. We\'re waiting to see how they will respond and this will give us a chance to gauge the depth of the He Lan family\'s influence. At the same time, we will find out how many people are out to get them. So, we will need to wait for the perfect time to strike."

"What if there is no such opportunity?" Ee Chen was worried.

Xinghe smirked. "Opportunities are everywhere, it is a question of whether we can identify and grab them. When the opportunity presents itself, we will strike hard and the way to destroy them will reveal itself."

"Xinghe, we believe in you!" Cairn said confidently. Everyone put their faith in her as well, because she was none other than Xia Xinghe.

She was not going to let any opportunity slip through her finger and would launch the fatal blow when the time was right. She had a trail of success behind her and they were confident it wouldn\'t be any different this time. They believed in her ability and talent.

The He Lan family landed in hot waters, troubles were chasing them around so much so that they didn\'t have time for Xinghe anymore. He Lan Qi no longer had the luxury of harassing Xinghe since he needed to save his own ass first.

Xinghe made use of this opportunity to leave Country R. She had spent about ten days in Country R, but she had been through a lot and found out so much. It was still a surprise to her that her mother was the second Shen Miss. Other than that, she managed to confirm the suspicions about the He Lan family.

For personal and humane reasons, she was going to destroy this family and exposing the orphanage was only the first step. The next time she returned to this country, she would have come prepared to destroy them!

She would let them simmer in this trouble for a while because this was when she could collect the most information she needed!