Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 695: Satellite Surveillance

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Chapter 695: Satellite Surveillance

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Does the cargo contain bodies every time?" Xinghe asked again.

Ee Chen nodded. "It should be since the van goes to the crematorium every time."

"When will they leave?"

Ee Chen looked at his wrist watch and said, "In about 3 to 4 hours."

Xinghe nodded. Her gaze fell on the orphanage and ordered softly, "Get me a laptop."

Ee Chen was confused. "Why do you need one? There is no surveillance system in the orphanage."

If there was, he would have hacked into it a long ago and gotten away with the He Lan family\'s criminal proof.

Xinghe answered, "I know, but even so, there are ways to get information."

"What ways?"

Xinghe glanced at him from the side and said clearly, "Satellite surveillance."

Ee Chen\'s jaw fell open. How could he forget about such a thing?

However, normal satellites couldn\'t see the details like people or even buildings. However, there were high accuracy satellites, but those were reserved for the nation\'s highest security body. Normal civilians would have nothing to do with it. Even Ee Chen didn\'t dare to hack into such systems because if found out, there would be hell to pay.

Could Xinghe be so magnificent to get in such a high security system and not get found out?

Ee Chen wasn\'t sure, but he trusted her, and since she\'d brought it up, it meant that she had confidence. He hesitated for a split second, before handing her his laptop.

Ee Chen placed the laptop on the table, opened it and reminded her worriedly, "Miss Xia, you have to be careful not to get found out."

Xinghe nodded but didn\'t say anything. She started operating the laptop. Even though they already knew how good she was, whenever they saw her work in front of the computer, they would still be duly impressed, especially after witnessing how easily she hacked into the country\'s satellite system.

Xinghe needed less than a minute to hack into the system, locate the orphanage\'s coordinates, and zero in on the activities within. They almost bent over from sheer admiration.

Even Ee Chen was impressed and his eyes glowed with motivation. "Miss Xia, your ability has once again opened my eyes! In fact, you\'re making me feel like becoming your student."

"This is nothing," Xinghe replied softly and she was telling the truth. However, it was such a painful prick to Ee Chen\'s heart. If this is nothing… then what will that something look like?

Ee Chen suddenly felt that his ability, which many people were impressed by, was child\'s play when compared to Xinghe\'s capability.

Sam clapped him on his shoulder and said consolingly, "I know how you\'re feeling but don\'t feel sad. Since Xinghe is a limit none of us are able to cross no matter how hard we try, might as well learn to be happy with what we have."

Ee Chen was speechless. Is this supposed to be a consolation or discouragement?

Thankfully, he was taught a lesson by Xinghe a long time ago and had learnt to face the truth.

Ee Chen smiled wickedly. "Even though I can\'t surpass her, I can learn from her. Miss Xia, why don\'t you take me as your student?"

Xinghe replied without taking her eyes off the screen, "If there\'s such a chance, why not?"

Ee Chen was excited!

"I will take that as a yes, after this thing is over, I shall honor you as my master!"