Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 694: Children's Bodies

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Chapter 694: Children\'s Bodies

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Xinghe answered matter-of-factly, "Instinct."

Ee Chen was spooked. He laughed worriedly. "Are all women\'s instincts that accurate or is this unique to you?"

"I can only say that van attracts my attention. Tell me, what exactly is wrong with that van?" Xinghe asked.

Ee Chen answered truthfully as his face fell, "The van has nothing wrong with it per se because the issues lie with the orphanage! The van is used to help the orphanage transport supplies, it will come once every month and the time of arrival will be different, but it will spend one whole day at the orphanage every time. On the surface, this looks like there is plenty of supply, so they need one whole day to unload, but as you can see, that is not the truth. The van will stay overnight because they need the cover of the night to carry away certain things and those things are the ugly side of the He Lan family!"

"What are these things that are carried away from the orphanage?" Xinghe pressed; her questions were always straight to the point.

"Children\'s bodies!" Ee Chen sighed heavily. This revelation shocked everyone.

"What did you say?" Ali demanded, she thought she heard wrongly.

Ee Chen continued calmly, "That\'s right, the van is there to carry away bodies of children, and they are all orphans from this orphanage. Originally, this eluded my attention as well and it took me a long time to realize there was something suspicious about the van. After that, I tried to follow the van, but it was after multiple attempts I managed to see them leave towards a crematorium. They unloaded bodies of children from the van and they were taken care of at the crematorium, to cover up their tracks. Today, I noticed that the van has arrived again and that\'s why I called you guys over to see it for yourselves."

Ee Chen\'s revelation pressed down hard on her heart. This was a hard news to stomach. Ali\'s group, who were all orphans, was totally angered.

Ali demanded angrily, "Didn\'t you capture pictures or videos of their crimes?"

Ee Chen explained, "Of course, I did try that, but it was lucky or unlucky, depending on how you see it, the workers were careless, so I managed to spot the children\'s bodies. After that, they didn\'t slip up anymore, so I couldn\'t take down any proof. Furthermore, their security is incredibly tight; there are no cameras around the orphanage and crematorium for me to hack into and there are constant patrols and guards. I couldn\'t collect any evidence on my own, and even if I did manage to compile evidence against them, the He Lan family will just suppress it, so there\'s no point for me to reveal my presence to them. But now, with your help, hopefully we will be able to gain evidence and uncover the He Lan family\'s real ugliness."

He had faith in Xinghe and her friends.

Ali promised confidently, "Leave the evidence collecting to us! We will catch them in the act tonight and ruin this despicable He Lan family!"

"That\'s right, we will gain their criminal proof tonight. Leave this to us," Sam added with a cold smile.

Xinghe suddenly asked, "How did they die?"

Her question was directed at Ee Chen and he shook his head. "I wish I knew, but the orphanage is too well-guarded, I cannot conduct an investigation."