Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 688: Their Purpose Exposed

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Chapter 688: Their Purpose Exposed

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However, when they came to do the test, they all said they were raised at the orphanage, even though none of them were.

Some even had parents and came from a normal family. The real orphans were only a handful. They all lied about something to fit the criteria. It could be written off as greed if there were isolated cases, but when it was every single one of them, something must be going on!

If Xinghe didn\'t meet up with Ee Chen that day, she probably wouldn\'t know what their purpose was. But she did, and she saw through their ploy easily. This was all to cover up suspicions against the He Lan family. They shifted the focus away from the orphanage.

He Lan Qi almost got Xinghe and the rest fooled with this sinister plan of his. He must have thought if the search turned out no results, they would give up and leave. He didn\'t foresee Ee Chen\'s appearance or that Xinghe would personally go through these women\'s background.

Now, Xinghe understood why he was so passionate and willing to help them. It was to make it easier for him to fool them.

Right then, Xinghe finally realized what the curiosity she sensed at the hospital was. If these women were indeed raised in the same orphanage, how come they didn\'t greet each other or even talk about their shared childhood?

Xinghe couldn\'t believe she didn\'t see through these women\'s lousy acting. She berated herself for her carelessness.

"This is not your fault, after all, none of us spotted this anomaly," Sam consoled her but continued in a dark tone, "But why did this He Lan Qi go through so many hoops to create this show to trick us? What is his angle?"

"Is there really something questionable about this family?" Ali added.

Cairn nodded firmly. "There has to be, why else would they do this?"

"Indeed, there is something very questionable about them," Xinghe said icily. "There is one issue about them that is very suspicious, and I have to come up with a more intricate plan to deal with them."

"What issue is this?" Sam was shocked.

"Their orphanage. Something bad has probably happened to the second Shen Miss, and my mother and her both are related to that questionable orphanage," Xinghe concluded in broad strokes, she didn\'t bring up Project Galaxy. It was not that she didn\'t trust them, but she didn\'t want to put them in danger.

Before she had the whole thing figured out, she had to be extremely careful or there would be accidents. Therefore, she would not reveal anything before then.

"Your mother?" Ali was taken aback, "Xinghe, is that what you said? How is your mother related to this orphanage?"

"That\'s right, what was that about your mother?" Sam and the guys were confused as well.

Xinghe looked at them and said, "I also just found out about this today, my mother was once a child at this orphanage, but she has gone missing. I suspect her disappearance has plenty to do with He Lan Chang and his family. Other than that, I discovered the He Lan family is not as clean as they appear on the outside. Therefore, to get to the bottom of the truth, to find my mother, and the second Shen miss, we have to deal with the He Lan family first."