Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 687: Not From the Orphanage

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Chapter 687: Not From the Orphanage

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Ee Chen was startled. "You mean to go after the He Lan family?"

"That\'s right." Xinghe continued matter-of-factly like she was talking about the weather, "Only by having them cornered can we get the information we want from them."

Ee Chen was further shocked, not by her confidence but her willingness to trust him so easily. Didn\'t she worry he was lying to her?

Ee Chen gasped. "You believe everything I said?"

"Why wouldn\'t I?" Xinghe asked curiously.

"Aren\'t you afraid I was just spinning yarn and it\'ll cause you to harm a family of innocents?" Ee Chen voiced the worry in his heart. It was normal for him to have those thoughts, anyone would.

However, Xinghe\'s answer did surprise him. "I have my own judgement. Since I\'ve chosen to cooperate with you, naturally I have a certain degree of faith in you."

"But, I did betray you once before…"

"If I didn\'t deem you as trustworthy, we wouldn\'t be having this conversation."

Ee Chen looked at her bluntly and smiled. "Actually, I was under the assumption that you wouldn\'t trust me anymore, so I\'m really thankful for your trust."

She wouldn\'t trust just anyone, especially after that someone had betrayed her like he did, so he was really appreciative of her willingness to believe in him again.

"However, this is also the last chance I\'m giving you," Xinghe added softly.

Ee Chen nodded in promise. "Don\'t worry, I will not let you down this time!"

If he did, he would no longer be allowed to be a part of her life, and to be around someone as radiant as her was an opportunity Ee Chen felt he shouldn\'t give up. Therefore, Ee Chen swore to be completely loyal to her from then on. They continued discussing for some time, sharing their information.

After that, she started to plot against the He Lan family. She couldn\'t wait anymore; she had to get to the bottom of everything as soon as possible. She wanted to locate her mother and the missing Miss Shen!

She would find them both!

After bidding Ee Chen goodbye, Xinghe led Ali and the rest back to the hospital. She took away all the information of the people who came to do the DNA test and returned to their hotel.

Ali asked, "Xinghe, why are you investigating these people? Their DNA didn\'t match the one you brought, didn\'t it? Or do you suspect that the Shen family\'s second daughter is indeed among these people?"

Xinghe shook her head. "No, definitely not that."

"Then why are you doing this?" Ali pressed.

"I can\'t say for now, but I will find out after I\'m done," Xinghe\'s answer befuddled them but they didn\'t doubt or disturb her because she had always proven herself to be right every time. Therefore, she must have her reasons for doing these things.

Over the past few days, there had been over a hundred women who came to do DNA matching. Xinghe didn\'t go through them one by one but picked a few at random, and the results confirmed her suspicion.

None of the women she investigated were raised in the He Lan family\'s orphanage!