Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 686: Orphans

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Chapter 686: Orphans

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"I also spent a long time tracking them down. It was only after many investigations before I became certain that it is indeed this He Lan family we need to focus on. I\'ve been spending my time trying to get to the bottom of the truth, but my progress has been lacking. I saw you through the missing person notice. Initially, when I saw that, I was shocked; I assumed you already knew something, so that was why you came to Country R to conduct the search. But if that was true, it couldn\'t explain your decision to align yourself with the He Lan family. Now, it looks like everything was just a coincidence. You have no idea what really happens with them and the woman you\'re looking for just so happens to be from their orphanage."

"Are you sure everyone related to Project Galaxy comes from this orphanage?" Xinghe stared at him seriously to double check.

Ee Chen nodded. "That is what I suspect. How else can we explain their purpose behind opening the orphanage? Let\'s say that it was really for charity purpose, then how do you explain the many missing orphans? Even now, there are still orphans that go missing once in a while in their currently operating orphanage, therefore it\'s only logical to believe that they select their candidates from their own orphanage. It\'s the only way to do all of this without raising the public\'s suspicion."

Xinghe\'s eyes shone slightly. She didn\'t expect to find out her mother was once a resident at the orphanage and she was selected to join Project Galaxy when she was a child…

Then, perhaps the Shen family\'s second daughter had been selected to join Project Galaxy as well!

Or else, how could they have come up with no news?

Xinghe asked severely, "What is the He Lan family\'s main business? How come my mother hasn\'t told me about any of this?"

Ee Chen sighed. "I\'m not sure about the He Lan family\'s financial background, but I think your mother didn\'t tell you any of this is because she didn\'t want to involve you in it."

"But why did they appear in City A? And how come they couldn\'t find the He Lan family?"

"According to my father, the first city they went to after their escape was City A. However, since they had no valid identification, they didn\'t dare wonder beyond City A. Furthermore, at the time, information was hard to come by, so they couldn\'t have known that the He Lan family had moved overseas. Of course, this is just my own speculation; my father didn\'t tell me everything. I think he was conflicted, on one hand, he wished I would one day save him, but on the other hand, he didn\'t feel like putting all that pressure on me."

Xinghe chose to believe Ee Chen, because his experience was similar to hers. Her mother brought her to hide overseas as if afraid that they would be discovered. However, at the same time, she didn\'t reveal to her the reasons why. Simultaneously, she tried to teach Xinghe everything she knew, so her thoughts must have been rather similar to Ee Chen\'s father.

So many years had passed but Xinghe still hadn\'t found a trace of her mother. Whether she was alive or not was a mystery in itself!

Xinghe feared to continue on with this train of thought, since she didn\'t want anything bad to happen to her mother!

She only wished to find her as soon as possible!

Whatever Project Galaxy was, it had nothing to do with her; she just wanted to save her mother. However, to do that she first had to deal with the He Lan family, who, according to Ee Chen\'s side of the story, threatened her mother\'s and those other orphans\' existences!

There was determination in Xinghe\'s eyes when she promised Ee Chen, "Then we will start by cracking open the He Lan family. Eventually, the truth will be exposed to us."