Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 685: I Thought It Was Your Mother

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Chapter 685: I Thought It Was Your Mother

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Okay!" Ee Chen had become more cooperative and serious.

He stared at Xinghe and asked, "However, before that, I want to know... how did you end up entangled with the He Lan family?"

Xinghe asked in return, "How did you know I am working with them?"

The public didn\'t work it was the He Lan family who were aiding this search for the Shen family\'s second daughter. The fact that Ee Chen knew meant that he was following He Lan family\'s movements.

Ee Chen\'s answer confirmed that. "Because I\'ve been investigating them. Plus, so many media outlets have been mobilized; it\'s not hard to figure out who is pulling the strings."

"You\'re right, they are the one influencing all of this. My involvement with them is because I\'m looking for a woman and that woman was a child at the He Lan family\'s orphanage," Xinghe answered honestly. "And she comes from a unique background which is why the He Lan family have agreed to help."

"Who is she to you?" Ee Chen maintained eye contact and asked.

Xinghe was taken aback by this curious question but she still answered, "She has no relations to me, but as I\'ve said, she has a unique background."

Ee Chen was surprised. "I thought that she must be have something to do with you, like it being your mother or something. But if she has nothing to with you, how come it is related to the He Lan family?"

Xinghe was further shocked. "What do you mean by that?"

Ee Chen noticed this and realized she was still clueless to many things.

"Do you not know that Project Galaxy is related to the He Lan family?" he queried.

Xinghe nodded. "I do, but I have no idea in what way."

"Then why the search?" Ee Chen was lost. "I thought it was because you have some information and that\'s why you\'re here to conduct a search."

"You\'ve lost me." Xinghe frowned in confusion. "Why don\'t we start from the beginning? What is wrong with the He Lan family?"

"What is not wrong with them‽" Ee Chen\'s eyes darkened. "They were the originators of Project Galaxy and our parents were arranged to join this project when they were very young."

Xinghe was shocked, but the next second, everything started to fall into place. "You mean, they arranged for the orphans from their orphanage to join this project?"

"That\'s right." Ee Chen nodded, he was still impressed by her comprehension skill. "The purpose behind their orphanage wasn\'t one bit charitable! The charity was just a front for them to select suitable orphans to join Project Galaxy, and that was how our parents were selected."

This was a truth Xinghe didn\'t expect. Even though she had no clue what Project Galaxy really was, she was sure that it wasn\'t anything good!

"What exactly is Project Galaxy? What is its objective? And how do you know all of this?" Xinghe fired off a series of questions.

Ee Chen shook his head this time. "Unfortunately, I can\'t tell what the actual goal of the project is either. I only heard from my father that it is unbelievably cruel. He had been searching for the He Lan family all those years, but he couldn\'t find them, and now I know why. It was because he thought that the He Lan family was in Hwa Xia, but they were hiding in Country R all along."

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