Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 684: Whipped to a New Height

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Chapter 684: Whipped to a New Height

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

She wanted to know everything he knew!

Xinghe found them a quiet café for their coffee break. Ee Chen wanted to talk to Xinghe alone and that was Xinghe\'s intention as well. They shared a table at the far corner of the café where no one could eavesdrop. Ali and the rest stayed a distance away to observe them, or more specifically, they were observing Ee Chen, afraid that he would harm Xinghe.

Ee Chen snuck a glance at them and laughed. "They\'re your friends? They don\'t look like bodyguards to me."

"Yes, they are my friends," Xinghe answered softly and asked, "Tell me, why are you here? Why did you come find me?"

Ee Chen didn\'t answer immediately but took the time to study the length of her frame. "Miss Xia, it\'s only been a year, but you\'ve gotten so much more beautiful. By the way, how has the past year been for you?"

"Not bad, but I think we don\'t have the luxury of catching up," Xinghe said. She went straight to the point, "Ee Chen, I want to know everything about Project Galaxy. Don\'t go drawing circles around me and maybe this time we will be able to cooperate."

Ee Chen\'s lips curved into a smile. "Miss Xia is still such a straight-shooter but are you sure you want to cooperate with me? The cooperation will be based on…"

"I have this many, is that enough?" Xinghe extended four fingers and Ee Chen\'s originally uninterested eyes became sharpened immediately.

He was stunned and asked unsurely, "Are you talking about that thing?"

"What else can it be?"

"You must be joking; how could you locate so many of them‽" Ee Chen gasped in surprised shock. After all, he spent one whole year to locate another, making the total in his possession two.

Within the same time frame, Xinghe had found four! How could he believe something like that?

Xinghe took another leisurely sip of her coffee and said slowly, "Do you think I would lie to you?"

"…" Ee Chen\'s gaze turned serious. He believed Xinghe wouldn\'t trick him. If this was someone else, he would be suspicious, but Xinghe had already surprised him twice in the past year alone when their path crossed. She didn\'t need to lie to him…

Ee Chen suddenly realized how useless he was. Compared to her, he felt so incompetent. He thought he would finally be on the same level as her after one whole year, but he realized the distance between them had only grown further.

Ee Chen grumbled helplessly, "Miss Xia, can\'t you give other people some chances? How can you find so many within just a year?"

"It\'s all just a coincidence," Xinghe answered truthfully. Indeed, it was like the events were already written in her favor and the benefits just kept falling into her lap.

Ee Chen felt like coughing blood. Xinghe was not only talented but also had luck on her side, not cooperating with her sounded like the dumbest decision he could come up with.

"I will cooperate with you!" Ee Chen announced firmly his decision to join her camp. "So, you must cooperate with me as well, even if you don\'t want to, I will stick to your side forever."

Xinghe was speechless. "My original plan was to cooperate with you, now can you tell me everything you know?"