Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 683: Lost Patience

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Chapter 683: Lost Patience

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"Regardless, I\'m here representing the Shen family and we are indeed thankful for your help." Xinghe verbally distanced herself from him and ignored his purposeful attempt at seeking favor with her. His few days of continuous effort did nothing to change her attitude towards him. She was still as indifferent to him as ever, like he was a stranger she passed on the street.

He Lan Qi gave himself maximum three days to break Xinghe, but she was obstinate. He Lan Qi\'s patience was at its breaking point and coldness and impatience grew within him. However, they only appeared fleetingly.

"Then, I will continue to figure out ways to help you. If there\'s any progress on your side, please do inform me," He said with a passionate smile.

"Okay." Xinghe nodded slightly, her eyes glowing like a slate of clear mirror. She saw the earlier coldness in He Lan Qi\'s eyes clearly. Finally lost your patience?

Xinghe studied his retreating back and her own gaze became dark.

Sam sidled up to Xinghe and grumbled with annoyance, "How dense is this person? Couldn\'t he see Xinghe is not interested in him, why is he so stubborn?"

"That\'s right, Xinghe is obviously not interested in him, so he should stop being so obvious with his advances," Ali added with a frown.

In truth, they didn\'t think there was anything inherently wrong with He Lan Qi, but they just couldn\'t stand how he insisted on grinding against Xinghe. They were not averse to people hitting on Xinghe, but for some reason, they felt this He Lan Qi had ulterior motives behind his actions.

His interest in Xinghe seemed to go beyond purely romantic attraction. Even the group of guys who were rather blunt to matters of relationships could feel it, so nothing needed to be said about Xinghe noticing it. Xinghe\'s guard was up after sensing his hidden motives. Even now, Xinghe felt he was up to something, even though on the surface, he seemed so kind to help them with the search.

"Xinghe, it has been three days. Do you think the Shen family\'s second daughter will appear?" Ali asked with some worry.

Cairn said with hesitation, "Actually, I feel like this search is futile."

"I agree with you." The honest Wolf nodded. It was not out of place for them to feel that. The news was broadcasted over the country and there was still no trace of the person, so the trace of her appearing was very low.

Xinghe commented, "I don\'t think you guys are wrong. Come on, waiting here is not going to bring us any progress."

Xinghe stood up to leave but at that moment, a physically-impressive man strode into the registration room. Deep shock assaulted Xinghe when she saw him!

"So, it is you," the man said with a toothy smile when he saw her.

Xinghe was really surprised to meet Ee Chen there!

Ever since last year, she could no longer locate him; she didn\'t expect he would reappear at Country R.

"Why are you here?" Xinghe asked with apparent surprise.

Ee Chen laughed good-humoredly. "I wanted to ask you that as well. In fact, Miss Xia, do you mind coming out for coffee with me? Let\'s catch up as old friends."

"Sure, let\'s go now." Xinghe accepted the invitation easily because she had plenty of things to ask him as well!

Ee Chen\'s parent was related to Project Galaxy, so his appearance there would probably help her confirm the He Lan family\'s involvement with Project Galaxy.

Furthermore, Ee Chen was, to her knowledge, the one who knew the most about Project Galaxy. Since she\'d been given this chance, she was going to pry the information out of him.