Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 682: Accidents

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Chapter 682: Accidents

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Among those who came, there were some who were so far away from matching the criteria it was laughable. For example, there were grannies over the age of 45 and young girls in their teens. There were even men!

Sam\'s group couldn\'t help but frown upon witnessing this group of people who would go against their own common sense for the sake of money.

"The four of us are orphans, if there wasn\'t the no criterion of being raised in an orphanage, I guess we\'d be at the front of the line," Sam said jokingly.

"It\'s already stated that the Shen family\'s second daughter is around 45 now, do all these people really not know how to read?" Ali frowned.

Xinghe answered softly, "They do, but they just couldn\'t silence the greed within them."

Greed could do wonders in silencing common sense, this was only human nature. Many who came to try their luck were shown the door before even starting the test. However, two days had passed and there was still no match. The number of candidates had even breached the three digits…

Theoretically speaking, such a wide-scale search should turn up something, but there was nothing. Even the police had no news.

This was out of Xinghe\'s predictions; she hadn\'t expected that the search for a single person would be so difficult.

On the third day, the people who came to do DNA matching had dwindled to single digits. In other words, those who wanted to come had already been there.

Unless the Shen family\'s second daughter lived in an area completely blocked from external news, or something had happened to her, she would have seen the news and gone to do the test. The fact that she didn\'t made Xinghe believe that some accident had befallen her.

Even He Lan Qi was surprised by the lack of progress.

"Who would have thought even after so many candidates, there is still no progress? Miss Xia, do you think Miss Shen has left Country R and thus hasn\'t seen the news? Or god forbid, something bad has happened to her?" He Lan Qi suggested with a heavy frown, he gave the feeling that he cared deeply about this.

Over the past few days, he had been extremely helpful. This made Xinghe suspect her earlier conviction. Could it be that the He Lan family really is innocent?

Why else would He Lan Qi help them to such a degree? He was willing to go to any lengths to help them.

However, her intuition told her that there was still something wrong about all of this, but she couldn\'t pinpoint exactly what.

Xinghe took a look at him and her gaze shuddered slightly. "Whether that is true or not, the search will have to continue. This is just the beginning, we will not give up so easily."

He Lan Qi smiled. "Naturally. Don\'t worry, we will continue to expand the scope of the search; I will help you finish your mission even if it takes my life."

"Thank you, Mr. He Lan for your help. I\'m very thankful for it, should you need any help in the future, we will definitely repay your kindness," Xinghe replied politely.

He Lan Qi smiled helplessly yet charmingly. "Xinghe, you\'re still treating me like stranger. I promise I\'m helping you out of my own volition, so please don\'t feel pressured."