Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 681: All the Media

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Chapter 681: All the Media

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"It\'s no trouble," He Lan Qi immediately said. "Xinghe, you\'re acting too foreign to us again, we\'ve promised to help you with the search, so naturally, we will keep to our promise. We will definitely help you until the search is concluded."

"It\'s not necessary, after all, this is our problem…"

"No, your problem is my problem! Leave this to me," He Lan Qi promised firmly, in fact, it sounded like he would agree to every demand Xinghe made. Xinghe didn\'t continue to stand on ceremony, if He Lan Qi wanted to help them for free, then she was not going to deny him.

At the same time, she wanted to see how far they were willing to help them. Perhaps this could be where the He Lan family slipped up.

He Lan Qi, to his credit, was a man of his word. In less than half a day, the missing person advertisements were all over the media. Every single publication in Country R was broadcasting it!

Even the most popular news show was reporting it. This surprised Xinghe\'s group. They had no clue that the He Lan family\'s influence was so broad and so deep.

"Looks like this He Lan family is indeed not simple, they managed to get so much media exposure in such a short amount of time. No wonder there is so little news on them, these people in the media are probably on their side as well," Cairn analyzed rationally. Sam and the rest agreed with him.

Ali suddenly said happily, "Since they can make use of the media so well, this means that we will get news on the Shen family\'s daughter soon."

"Let\'s hope so." Xinghe nodded slightly without elaboration. She wouldn\'t say a hundred percent that the person could be found, but the chances of that did increase tremendously.

The power of media was strong, and the advertisement was extremely clear with the details. They were looking for an Asian woman at around age 45 who grew up in the He Lan family\'s orphanage. Individuals that fitted these criteria were only a handful, so this did lessen their workload.

However, to their headache-inducing surprise, a lot of random woman who had nothing to do with He Lan family\'s orphanage came to test their DNA!

In other words, pretty much all the women around the age of 45 came to try their luck. If they were lucky, it would be like hitting the jackpot!

After all, in the advertisement, it was stated that a rich family was looking for their family member, and that alone was enough to attract many. For two straight days, the hospital that was entrusted by the He Lan family to process this affair had seen innumerable people walk through its doors.

Xinghe was there personally to handle the crowd. She rejected many applicants even before they started the test. The Shen family had good genes, Elder Shen had been fit and handsome when he was young and Old Madam Shen was still a graceful and gorgeous lady. Madam President was blessed with their good genes, she looked like an ancient lady walked out of an ink painting.

Therefore, the Shen family\'s second daughter must be quite a looker as well. Of course, that wasn\'t everything Xinghe based her rejections and decisions on.