Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 679: He Lan Qi's Intentions

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Chapter 679: He Lan Qi\'s Intentions

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Xinghe\'s request to start the search immediately was easily accepted as well. They gave the impression that no matter how unreasonable her request was, they would accept it. They were giving off the impression that they would play the best host and Xinghe\'s group were their esteemed guests.

However, Xinghe thought otherwise. She expected as much from them. She would not let her guard down in front of them and think that they were actually looking out for her. If anything, they only made her extra cautious around them.

After even more back and forth, neither party seemed to able to read the other.

After discussing the details of the search, Xinghe made her intention to leave clear. No matter how hard the He Lan family tried to make her stay at their guest house, Xinghe politely rejected their kindness. She insisted on staying at the hotel; the He Lan family had no choice but to yield to her wishes.

He Lan Qi even personally sent them to the hotel. He kindly helped them find and settle into the best hotel before leaving. Even an idiot could tell he was trying his greatest to endear himself to Xinghe.

The moment he left, Sam said snidely, "This man really think we\'re that dumb to not see his intentions?"

"He must be smitten by our Xinghe\'s beauty, and that\'s why he has been so hardworking!" Ali added with derision.

"You have to be careful around him. No matter his intentions, it\'s better to stay away from him," Sam kindly reminded Xinghe.

Ali also reminded her, "Don\'t be lured by his beautiful words."

Xinghe laughed. "You guys really think I\'m that easily tricked?"

"…" The gang was silenced. Indeed, Xinghe was so clever, so how would she fall for He Lan Qi\'s childish tricks? Furthermore, she had a man as fetching as Xi Mubai waiting for her. This He Lan Qi was not bad looking, but in terms of family background and personality, he was miles behind Mubai!

Mubai\'s devotion towards Xinghe alone could wipe out all the competition. Ali and the rest were worried for nothing.

Xinghe wasn\'t someone that needed people to worry over her. She was more trustworthy than most people, so He Lan Qi\'s little effort was destined to go to waste!

Sam and the rest assumed that He Lan Qi\'s interest in Xinghe was because he was personally attracted to her, but Xinghe thought otherwise. He Lan Qi could have any woman he wished, so his obvious attempt at ingratiation must have a hidden purpose behind it. Most likely it was due to her unique identity…

After all, the identity of the Madam President\'s daughter was still quite weighty. However, what use he had for her identity she still hadn\'t found out. Regardless, there was one thing Xinghe was certain, this He Lan family was indeed suspicious!

She was seventy to eighty percent sure they were related somehow to Project Galaxy or else they wouldn\'t have reacted so obviously to the revelation of her name.

The purpose of her going there personally was to use her name as a test, and as she expected, they took the bait.

Now that she was sure they were suspicious, it was time to weed out their actual intentions. Xinghe didn\'t rest and started investigating the He Lan family. Alas, like before, the information she could gather was pitiably little. The He Lan family was too low-key, there was practically nothing in the news about them.