Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 678: Unique Name

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Chapter 678: Unique Name

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However, Xinghe was not just any woman. She was unfazed by He Lan Qi\'s purposeful ingratiation.

"Mr. He Lan, in any case, we will be quite a disturbance on this trip, hopefully you can help us find our family as soon as possible. Of course, if this trip is successful, the Shen family will repay your kindness generously."

He Lan Qi noticed how indifferent she was, so he quickly switched off the tricks that he would use on common women. "Of course, we will help to the best of our ability. It is our honor that you came to us for help."

"Thank you."

"You\'re welcome. For now, please get into the car, I will take all of you to He Lan Villa first," He Lan Qi said politely and then moved to help Xinghe with the car door. They hopped into his car and sped towards He Lan Villa.

Along the way, He Lan Qi introduced to Xinghe the many cultures of Country R passionately. He even invited Xinghe to prolong their stay there so that he could fulfil his responsibility as a good host.

Xinghe deflected his advances expertly every time. No matter how passionate he was, her attitude was the same, she was as unfazed as before.

This meant that He Lan Qi wasn\'t able to read her easily, he couldn\'t see into her heart. He Lan Qi had met many women in his life, and he had to admit, Xinghe was the first woman he wasn\'t able to read.

Regardless, that would change when he got her into his bed. He had confidence in his seduction skills. He kept trying to get physically and emotionally close to Xinghe, but she was like a stone, unmovable no matter how hard he tried.

Finally, they reached He Lan Villa. He Lan Villa was a sprawling estate. It was situated at Country R\'s most valuable estate and had the best security. No wonder the published news about them was so little.

The houses in the villa were huge as well. The impressive buildings and landmass spoke volumes about the He Lan family\'s giant influence and power. The He Lan family\'s current leader, He Lan Qi\'s father, He Lan Chang, personally came to welcome them.

When he heard Xinghe\'s name, he also responded with surprise. "Miss Xia\'s name sure is unique, it reminds one of the vast galaxy. If you don\'t mind me asking, what is the inspiration behind your name? How did your parents come up with such a melodious and unique name?"

Xinghe met He Lan Chang\'s grinning face but she could pick up the deep interest hidden behind his eyes. He Lan Qi even added with curiosity, "That\'s right, how did they come up with such a name?"

They were being a bit too obsessed with her name, it really tipped Xinghe off to their real intentions.

"There\'s not much of a story behind it," Xinghe answered. "My parents met during a galaxy show at the observatory, so that\'s how they came up with the name."

"It\'s wonderful story," He Lan Chang observed with a laugh and he visibly relaxed. "It\'s a beautiful name that sets Miss Xia apart from the rest. Now I understand why Hwa Xia\'s Madam President took you in as her step daughter."

It was due to her unique background that they treated her so courteously, but they did it in such way that it was just short of obviously sucking up. So, it had to be said, this He Lan family was indeed a family filled with crafty people.