Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 676: Her New Journey

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Chapter 676: Her New Journey

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Tong Yan had never understood that relationships needed hard work from both parties. One hand couldn\'t clap, and it was the same for relationship, be it friendship, love, or family ties.

She still assumed she deserve all the love they used to lavish on her simply because she was Tong Yan.

So, the question now became: Will she learn her lesson before it is all too late?

Xinghe didn\'t have time to deal with Tong Yan\'s outbursts. She was preparing to leave for Country R. It was going to be a brand-new journey for her; she had no idea what would be in store for her in the future.

However, she would give it the best she got. Mubai helped her prepare everything and even personally escorted her to the airport.

He wished to go with her, but he really couldn\'t extricate himself. He had not returned to Xi Empire ever since his accident. Even though the company was running fine, it was only temporary. The company couldn\'t go on forever without him.

Furthermore, Xinghe was going to Country R on Shen family\'s behalf, so it was useless for him to tag along. And most importantly, Xinghe didn\'t want him to ditch his work because of her…

He had to return to the company now or he was afraid he might follow her into the plane.

"Remember to take care of yourself and watch out for any danger. I will come to meet you when everything\'s settled over here," Mubai kept telling her.

Xinghe smiled slightly. "Am I that worrisome to you? Plus, I won\'t be gone for long, I\'ll be back soon."

"That would be for the best, but if you need anything, please call me. Don\'t take on everything on your own."


Mubai caressed her hair and demanded gently, "Also, don\'t forget to remember me."

"I will," Xinghe promised with the hint of a smile, but Mubai couldn\'t help but laugh. Then he pulled her in for a deep hug. It wasn\'t until right before the departure time that he allowed Xinghe to break away from him.

Xinghe bade him farewell with a heavy heart and climbed into the cabin. The plane soon took off…

Xinghe sat beside the window and saw Mubai, who was still standing at his spot, watching her leave. Their eyes sought each other out and they locked eyes until the other couldn\'t be seen anymore.

Sam\'s voice piped up beside her. "Is this really necessary? This is only a week."

Ali also chided, "Plus, it\'s only a two-hour plane trip away, we\'re not going somewhere far."

"If Mr. Xi really wants to, he could fly back and forth between the two countries every day," Cairn suggested softly, even though his tone was also laced with jealousy and levity; he was also getting tired of the lovey-dovey displays.

Wolf opened his mouth and said, "It\'s easy for us to say because we do not understand their feelings."

"Hey, whose side are you on?" Sam glared at him.

Ali also grumbled, "You\'ve ruined the team formation."

"Traitor," Cairn berated him with a straight face.

Wolf retorted, "I\'m just telling the truth. We, who are singles, definitely don\'t understand what they\'re feeling!"

"How about I let you feel death?"

"I second it!"

"Get him!"

The trio piled on him, and a tussle broke out. Xinghe couldn\'t help but smile as she watched their antics.

At the same time, Mubai finally pulled his gaze away from the gaze. He went into his car and sped away. He wouldn\'t mind these temporarily partings too much, because like Xinghe, he was also a goal-orientated person.