Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 675: Replacement

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Chapter 675: Replacement

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Elder Shen invited many people for the ceremony. Elder Xi was there as witness so were many of Elder Shen\'s influential friends. They viewed this ceremony with extreme gravity, after all, Xinghe was going to become Madam President\'s stepdaughter.

Other than that, she was going to be Madam President\'s only daughter. Elder Shen didn\'t have any other granddaughters, other than Xinghe and Xiaoxi. Xinghe was older than Xiaoxi, so overnight, Xinghe became Hwa Xia\'s number one heiress. This news swept across City A\'s upper society quickly.

When Shen Ru and Tong Yan heard about this, they were stunned beyond words. What the f*ck happened? How did Xia Xinghe suddenly become a Shen and Madam President\'s adopted daughter‽

It was Xinghe\'s fault they had landed in such an awkward situation. From their perspective, Xinghe had completely ruined their lives. How could such a vicious and evil person end up as the ultimate victor? Tong Yan refused to accept this reality. She couldn\'t believe that the Shen family would value Xinghe more than her.

With utmost resentment, Tong Yan demanded an explanation from Elder Shen. She couldn\'t accept that her beloved grandfather had replaced her. Not only that, her aunt, who treated her as her own daughter, had also found herself another new daughter, and the person who replaced her on both accounts was Xia Xinghe, the single person that she hated the most in the world!

Tong Yan couldn\'t stomach this no matter how hard she tried. How can they treat me like this? How could they hurt my feelings so badly?

In conclusion, she demanded that they stay away from Xia Xinghe, cancel the ceremony, and return to her the love and respect Xia Xinghe had stolen away from her!

Tong Yan\'s unreasonable demands only got her Elder Shen\'s disappointed looks.

"Even at a time like this, why are you still so hung up over your old identity?" Elder Shen asked with a sigh.

Tong Yan was taken aback and grumbled, "But Grandpa, I\'m your real granddaughter. I\'m your family, not that Xia Xinghe! It\'s that woman who ruined my life and took everything away from me! All that you\'re giving her logically belongs me, how can she steal them away from me‽"

Elder Shen sighed. "Tong Yan, I should take some responsibility for how you\'ve turned out, so I don\'t blame you or your mother, but it is time for you to learn some lessons. Only by hard work can you achieve something in life. We\'ve pampered you for so many years, and that should be more than enough. You\'ll have to rely on yourself from now on, and don\'t rely on other people anymore, for your own good. If you can take this lesson to heart, you will still be my granddaughter. However, if you\'re still so stubborn, then there\'s nothing left to be said between us. Okay then, please go back home now and stop coming in the future. What you need to do now is to cherish the fact that you\'re still the Tong family\'s young lady and you should really start to act like one. That is my advice to you."

Then, Elder Shen stood up and left. No matter how big of a scene Tong Yan made, he didn\'t return.

It was not that he was being cruel but looking at her just reminded him of the misery that the Lin family had put him through, and yet, Tong Yan, in her selfishness couldn\'t understand what Elder Shen needed from her was actually a little space and time. How could Elder Shen not be disappointed in her?

Earlier the Shen family was willing to ignore her faults because she was precious to them. However, after the truth had come out, her importance to them had taken a major hit because she no longer represented the Shens but the Lins. In Chinese society, bloodlines could decide many things.