Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 673: Helpless

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Chapter 673: Helpless

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Xinghe was surprised. "You found out so much?"

Mubai nodded. "Yes, I happen to have some friends in Country R; it\'s easier for them to find out things from the inside compared to us. According to them, the He Lan family has a good reputation in Country R and is a very big family. However, they have always kept a low profile, so they are known only to their fellow countrymen."

"Therefore, it will be difficult for us to investigate them," Xinghe concluded.

"Indeed, even Country R\'s media doesn\'t report much about them since they don\'t do much in the public eye. It will be difficult for us to find out more about them."

"Why don\'t I personally go pay them a visit? It will be incredibly difficult to investigate them without close contact," Xinghe said firmly. "I\'ll go on behalf of the Shen family; that reason should be official enough."

Mubai\'s first response was to deny her request. "How can you go alone? I will not let you do that."

Xinghe looked at him and said, "But I have to. I have to be there to get closer to the mystery of Project Galaxy. Staying here will get us nowhere."


"I will be representing the Shen family, so it\'ll be fine. Plus, I promise you I will not take any unnecessary risks," Xinghe promised. Mubai looked into her eyes that shone with determination and he knew he couldn\'t talk her out of it. No one could talk Xinghe out of her goals. She knew what she wanted, and no one was going to stop her from achieving them.

Mubai still worried about her but he had to relent. "Okay, but you have to promise me you will call me immediately should anything dangerous happen."

"Okay." Xinghe smiled slightly. Mubai also smiled watching her smile. He was so wrapped around her finger that he was unable to say no to her every demand. He was afraid that one day, she might ask to leave him, and he wouldn\'t be able to say no even then…

He knew that was his bottom line, he would agree to anything on the condition that she stayed by his side forever…

After the decision was made, Mubai and Xinghe went to discuss this with Elder Shen. The elder was pleasantly surprised. "You wish to go to Country R personally to aid in our search?"

Xinghe nodded. "But that\'s not all, actually I have some personal interest in the He Lan family, and since our goals coincide, I hope Elder Shen will grant me the permission of going to Country R to help search for Elder Shen\'s second daughter."

"Why are you interested in the He Lan family?" Elder Shen queried.

Mubai answered, "Forgive us but we still cannot reveal certain information yet, but it also has to do with a search for someone. We suspect that this He Lan family is responsible for many secretive operations, so we wish to make use of this opportunity to get to the bottom of this."

Elder Shen nodded and sighed. "To be frank, I was preparing to send someone over to Country R, but I have no good candidates in mind. If it\'s the both of you, then, it\'ll be perfect! I believe in your ability, and if you\'re willing to help me search for my daughter, I will be forever grateful."

A happy smile descended over Elder Shen\'s face like a veil.

Xinghe smiled in return. "Does this mean you\'ve agreed to our proposal?"

"Of course!" Elder Shen answered easily.