Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 672: Problematic Family

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Chapter 672: Problematic Family

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When they saw this, the first conclusion Mubai and Xinghe came to was that this was the He Lan family they were looking for. However, if that was true, what was the relation between Project Galaxy and collecting orphans?

Xinghe and Mubai couldn\'t come up with a valid explanation. They could only wait for more news to come from the Shen family. However, with the president\'s help, the investigation on the He Lan family would progress much smoother.

Very soon, they found out more about this He Lan family. The He Lan family was indeed from Hwa Xia, but they later migrated to Country R. It was when they were at Country R that their business really took flight and they became one of the richest families there. After that, the He Lan family started to get involved in charity work and they built the biggest orphanage in Country R.

To repay their country of origin, they purposely chose to select orphans from Hwa Xia. However, contrary to normal rich families, they didn\'t promote their charitable activities. In fact, over the last twenty to thirty years, news about them had dwindled to a standstill, so much so that the public had forgotten about them. No wonder Xinghe and Mubai couldn\'t find out anything about them.

Even the Shen family had not heard of this He Lan family. If not for this investigation, they wouldn\'t have known such a mysterious family existed in the world. However, this was not important to the Shen family, they just wanted to look for their lost child.

Alas, even after gaining contact with the charity organization, there was still no lead on the Shen family\'s second daughter. Even after the president personally asked Country R\'s government for help, the information was still seriously lacking.

This was because a great fire engulfed the charity organization thirty years ago. It had burnt all the information, and it almost caused He Lan family to go bankrupt.

The He Lan family could no longer afford to take care of those children, so some of them were adopted by families, some were sent to other orphanages, and others chose a life of independence. Unfortunately, at that time, the He Lan family was so busy salvaging their own business that they didn\'t have the time or energy to record the movements of these orphans.

Several decades later, the He Lan family had changed a lot and now, and no one seemed to even remember they had such a charitable past before.

The Shen family couldn\'t provide more information to make the search for the girl easier, so looking for her was like looking for needle in a haystack. Therefore, the investigation ground to a halt once more!

This brought great sadness and disappointment to the Shen family. Xinghe felt sorry for them as well. She\'d also assumed that this would lead them directly to their long-lost daughter, but in the end, it was a futile effort as well.

However, Xinghe was more concerned about the He Lan family and Project Galaxy. For some reason, she felt that this family was more complicated than they appeared to be.

Mubai agreed. "I\'ve done my own investigation. Even though they did contribute to many different charities, their focus has always been on this orphanage. But strangely enough, there would be some eyebrow raising incidents involving the orphanage annually. There had been a constant stream of accidental child deaths, but there were no records. There was a rumor circulating around Country R saying that the He Lan family\'s orphanage was cursed, but that was only hearsay and those that really believed it were only a handful. Eventually, even the rumors died out. However, there is no smoke without fire, perhaps this He Lan family does deserve a closer look."