Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 671: News About the Second Daughter

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Chapter 671: News About the Second Daughter

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Otherwise, Xiaoxi\'s father would have found them all those years ago. Therefore, such a blind search was not serviceable, they had to come up with another idea.

Just as Xinghe and Mubai were stuck on their search, the police got the Lin family to talk. Elder Shen was still eager to find his daughter, so he told the Lin family that he would release the person who provided the police with the information about Miss Shen. Of course, the offer wasn\'t extended to important criminals like Lin Zhenghwa, Lin Kang and Lin Xuan.

There were many who wished to take up the offer but not everyone was close to the center of Lin family\'s power structure and information center. However, there was one exception; he was not only close to the center but also had pretty much nothing to do with the Lin family\'s criminal activities, Lin Qin!

Elder Lin\'s third son, the useless child. It was because of his unique position that he was able to know everything without getting involved in anything. He was not part of the crime syndicate because he was of no use to Elder Lin.

Even though Lin Qin was Lin Zhenghwa\'s son, weirdly enough, the Shen family and Xi family couldn\'t find it within themselves to hate him. Perhaps it was because he hadn\'t done anything and showed no ambition. If anything, he was also a victim in the Lin family\'s grand scheme.

Theoretically, Lin Qin should side with the Lin family, but they betrayed him first by cruelly sacrificing his daughter. Since the Lin family could no longer hold him back, he decided to stop sacrificing himself for the sake of a family that had done nothing for him.

To save his other daughter, he decided to cut all ties with the Lin family and Lin Qin chose to cooperate. However, he didn\'t know much; he only knew that the Shen family\'s second daughter was indeed sent away.

To prevent a possible threat in the future, Elder Lin sent the girl to an oversea organization that dealt specifically with orphans. The organization accepted many orphans from Hwa Xia that year and the Lin family sent the girl over as an orphan.

Unfortunately, Lin Qin didn\'t know the name of the organization. The only person who knew that information was Lin Zhenghwa.

However, the vicious Lin Zhenghwa refused to give up the name, since he was in misery, he refused to let others enjoy happiness. Hence, the trail stopped again.

Other than it being an oversea organization that accepted orphans, they had no other information to go on with. However, the organization did arrive at Hwa Xia 47 years ago, so there should be some records of that.

The president treated this seriously as well. However, he had just recovered from his surgery and was recovering, so he left everything to the care of his vice president. The vice president aided the Shen family to locate that organization to the best of his ability, and after some time, they finally came up with some valuable information.

This information gave Xinghe and Mubai the shock of their life!

47 years ago, when the country\'s economy was on the rise, indeed many overseas investors came to look for business opportunity. Other than that, there were nationals that returned from overseas as well to aid the country.

One of the families chose to open an orphanage to welcome all the orphans, they planned to bring these orphans overseas, giving them a new life in a better environment.

That year, this orphanage accepted many children, so it was not unlikely that the Shen family\'s second daughter was one of them. However, this information was not the shocking one; the real shocking news was that the family behind this charity organization was He Lan family!