Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 667: Not That Different

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Chapter 667: Not That Different

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"Let\'s just say we are not that different," Xinghe answered slowly. Xiaoxi\'s jaw was dropped to the floor. What is she talking about‽ How are we not that different?

"Your… your father…"

"It\'s my mother," Xinghe answered softly. "She disappeared about 13 years ago, and just like your father, she said she was not of this world."

Xiaoxi was shocked beyond words. She didn\'t expect Xinghe to have gone through the same experience as she had. She thought she was the only one with such an experience in the world.

"I had no idea you are like this too…" Xiaoxi wheezed out in disbelief.

Xinghe nodded. "Initially, I thought I was the only one too, but I\'ve met many ever since, including myself, you are the sixth."

"Sixth‽" Xiaoxi gasped. "There are at least six of us?"

"That\'s right. I wish to find our parents, and to do that, we need to figure out their secret. Tell me everything else that you know."

That was what Xiaoxi wanted as well, to locate her father. With Xinghe\'s help, her wish probably would come through. Her instincts told her that Xinghe was someone she could rely on. She managed to destroy the IV Syndicate and topple the Lin family, what couldn\'t she do?

Furthermore, since Xinghe was someone like her, her reservations all went out the window.

"Miss Xia, actually there\'s not much that I know, I only know that my father is someone special. He left the mysterious, black metal, telling me it will help me escape death in the future. He said that with it, I\'ll be able to escape a giant catastrophe that will happen sometime in the future. I have no clue about the rest, perhaps my mother will know more. I\'ll ask her for you, and when I get more information, I will return to you."

"Thank you." Xinghe nodded. "No matter how small the details, remember to pass them over to me because I fear the threat of an earth-shattering natural disaster might not be fake."

Xiaoxi nodded with a severe expression and promised, "I will ask her as soon as possible! If you still need my help, do come and get me."

The world\'s safety wasn\'t her responsibility, but she would wish to contribute even just a little to maintaining its safety. She wouldn\'t want anything bad to happen to Elder Shen and Old Madam Shen who gave her a new chance at life…

Xinghe and the Xi family didn\'t stay at the Shen family\'s residence for long. However, they did gain plenty of new information from this trip.

As fate would have it, they stumbled across Shen Ru and Tong Yan who were arriving when they were going to leave.

The sudden encounter startled both parties. The moment Shen Ru saw them, she pulled Tong Yan along as she dashed through the entrance.

The butler, who personally escorted the Xi family out, saw their movement and hurried to block them. "You two cannot go in. Elder Shen has said he doesn\'t wish to be disturbed by anyone so please return."

Tong Yan pointed at Xinghe and demanded, "But these people just got out from within; why are they allowed to disturb Grandpa then?"

The butler frowned at her lack of decorum and sighed. "Elder Shen is tired from meeting with them, so he doesn\'t wish to see any more guests. Please return…"

"How can he refuse to see us? This is not even our fault and yet we\'re here to apologize. No matter what, Grandpa raised us, he will not ignore us like this! Get out of my way, we have to see him today. I will not believe that he is capable of ignoring us like this!"