Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 666: I'm Not Normal

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Chapter 666: I\'m Not Normal

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Tell me!" Xiaoxi nodded hurriedly. "No matter what it is, I will give my full cooperation."

"Why did Lin Xuan experiment on you? What kind of secrets does your body harbor?" Xinghe asked directly. Xiaoxi was startled; she hadn\'t expected this question.

Although people had asked her this yesterday, she didn\'t think Xinghe would be interested. She didn\'t provide any answer to other people, but this was Xinghe…

"Why, is it something you can\'t say?" Xinghe pressed when she saw the difficulty apparent in the girl\'s face.

Xiaoxi shook her head. "No, it\'s because I don\'t know how to put this. I\'m afraid you won\'t believe me because it sounds too unbelievable."

"Try me," Xinghe replied firmly.

Xiaoxi felt the confidence Xinghe put in her. She had been carrying these secrets for so many years, she had been hoping to find someone to share them with and Xinghe looked to be the best candidate. Xiaoxi made an immediate decision.

She looked around to make sure they were deserted and began slowly, "Miss Xia, there are indeed many secrets with my body because I am not someone normal!"

She thought Xinghe would be shocked by this revelation, but Xinghe wasn\'t; in fact, she seemed to have expected it.

"Please continue," Xinghe encouraged. Xiaoxi was emboldened and the pressure on her decreased.

"I said I\'m not normal because of my father. He… he is a very good biologist who is very good at genetic modification, and my body has been genetically improved by him…"

Xiaoxi snuck a look at Xinghe, but to her surprise, she was still as unaffected as before. It was as if she was listening to some normal conservation.

"Genetic modification is not something new," Xinghe explained.

Xiaoxi nodded. "I understand, but my father was different; he mastered the technology so many years ago and what he did was to engineer my lifespan, making it longer. Furthermore, he said that he was not of this world, even though I still have no idea what he meant by that. However, he did disappear from the world soon after. Several years after his disappearance, my mother and I were discovered by the Lin family. I was still young at the time, so I blurted out my father\'s secrets and you know what happened next, they captured me to be experimented on… To see whether my father\'s handiwork could be replicated and used on themselves! Alas, after so many years, they have not reached a breakthrough."

Not only that, her body was damaged in the process. If not for her father\'s work on her genes, she would have died from the torture so long ago. Hatred returned to Xiaoxi\'s eyes thinking about the years of experiments the Lin family had cruelly put her through.

Xinghe stared at her and asked suddenly, "Your father disappeared about twelve or thirteen years ago, right?"

Xiaoxi widened her eyes in shock. "How… how did you know?"

"He also left you with a black rectangular metallic object, yes?" Xinghe asked again.

Xiaoxi looked at her with something akin to fear. "How did you know about that‽ Did the Lin family tell you that? Only me, my mother, and the Lin family know about this…"