Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 665: Need Your Cooperation

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Chapter 665: Need Your Cooperation

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"You\'re right, we have to be alive to see her return. But, where in the world could she be?"

Xinghe said suddenly, "Continue interrogating them, there are so many people in the Lin family, someone must know something!"

Elder Shen looked at her and nodded. "The girl\'s right, we mustn\'t give up and the Lin family will never use this as leverage. We will find our daughter on our own and we will demand for their lives as well!"

Xinghe nodded internally. She agreed with Elder Shen. They would never be cornered into a negotiation with the Lin family!

To let them go so easily? Impossible!

They continued the conversation a little while longer and Xinghe requested to meet with Xie Xiaoxi. Elder Shen was a good person. Even though it had been proven that Lin Shuang and her daughter weren\'t his kin, he was more than willing to open his arms to welcome them. He even took Lin Shuang in as his adopted daughter.

Now, the mother and daughter resided in the Shen family. They needed a lot of time to recuperate.

This was especially true for Xie Xiaoxi. Her body was damaged beyond repair, even Lu Qi said she probably wouldn\'t live over 40. Elder Shen empathized with their suffering and decided to raise them as his own with Old Madam Shen. They did this hopefully to cultivate some good karma for their estranged daughter as well.

Xinghe initially thought Elder Shen was unreasonably protective of his kin but now she realized he did all that because he cared about them. She saw this quality mirrored in herself, therefore, her impression of them had improved a lot, especially when in contrast to the Lin family who truly were the scum of the world!

Since Xinghe was also looking for her mother, she knew the pain of missing one\'s family. She wouldn\'t wish that fate on anyone, therefore, she decided to help the Shen family locate their second daughter. Hopefully, they could be a complete family soon.

When Xiaoxi heard Xinghe wanted to meet her, she agreed happily. They retreated to the Shen family\'s back garden.

Sitting in the shade of the veranda, Xiaoxi thanked her profusely. "Miss Xia, really, if not for you, I would probably still be stuck in that godforsaken lab and died an unknown death. And my mother, we wouldn\'t have meet up with each other without you. She would have left the world without me at her side. You are our life saviors."

Xiaoxi couldn\'t help but have tears in her eyes. "Miss Xia, you are really our life saviors, so if you have anything you need of me, even if it is my life, I will give it to you!"

This were words from her heart and she meant every single one of them.

Xinghe listened to her quietly and replied softly, "I do not need you to repay us with your life, if there\'s anything that I demand from you is that you live your life to the fullest. That is how you can repay me."

Xiaoxi looked at her blankly and tears flowed freely from her eyes. "Don\'t worry, I promise you, we will definitely do that! No matter what happens in the future, we will only face our lives with smiles and make the best out of it!" she promised.

Xinghe nodded with a smile, then she changed the subject. "However, I do need your cooperation with some things."