Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 663: Still Many Secrets

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Chapter 663: Still Many Secrets

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Elder Shen also hoped that they were really family. Of course, he hoped Shen Ru and Tong Yan were his flesh and blood as well, but the wish was wishful thinking. One of them had to be real and the other fake…

But for now, the answer was still unclear.

Shen Ru and Tong Yan hoped desperately they were still the Shen family\'s people because they understood clearly, without the Shen family, they were nothing. Even if Tong Yan was still from the Tong family, her position would not be as powerful as before. Furthermore, the Lin family had become the nation\'s traitors…

The thought of being roped into such a life made Tong Yan shiver all over.

Now she realized how lucky she was.

She didn\'t appreciate the treasures she was born with. If she had made something out of herself, and didn\'t go around making enemies, she wouldn\'t have to rely so completely on the families behind her. Even if she didn\'t have the Shen name, she wouldn\'t have ended up with nothing.

Alas, it was too late for regret. Certain things, after they had been lost, would not be recovered so easily again.

However, the question remained: Had she learnt her lesson?

After Xinghe and the Xi family left the president\'s house, they sped away in their car.

In the elongated Lincoln, Elder Xi said happily, "It\'s finally over for the Lin family! Finally, I can rest easy tonight!"

Munan added with a laugh, "Grandfather, not only tonight, you can sleep without worry from today onward."

Elder Xi laughed happily. The Xi family was overjoyed after having resolved this difficult enemy, the Lin family. They couldn\'t wait to celebrate this victory.

Jiangnian harrumphed. "It is because of the Lin family\'s own actions that they have such an ending. However, it is really surprising that they did so many heartless and despicable things."

Trading babies with the Shen family, killing Lin Yun, and even experimenting on an innocent girl.

They deserved much greater punishment than what they would get because the things they did were so atrocious!

Jiangnian suddenly posed a question, "But why would they experiment on that girl? What is the purpose of their experiment?"

Naturally, the question was directed at Xinghe and Mubai.

Mubai averted his eyes surreptitiously and answered, "We have no clear idea as well, but all of that is now in the past."

"He\'s right, these are all things of the past and don\'t concern us anymore, so there\'s no need to worry about them…" Elder Xi sighed deeply.

However, Xinghe and Mubai didn\'t really think so. This thing hadn\'t really reached the conclusion yet and they were still knee-deep in it. The girl\'s identity and her relation to the energy crystal was still a mystery. The Lin family probably still had many secrets that they had no clue about.

Therefore, they had to be vigilant in order to find out more!

However, the most pressing matter was to clarify the real identity of Lin Shuang and Xiaoxi. That was the most important thing on the Shen family and the president\'s mind.

Actually, in spite of what they said, Xinghe and the Xi family were also curious about the result.