Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 662: Their Turn

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Chapter 662: Their Turn

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No one would escape karma. Even a family as powerful as the Lin family could be toppled overnight. Witnessing this ending of the Lin family, the rest weren\'t relaxed but more alert and reflective.

They had learnt to watch their steps or else they would end up like the Lin family!

With the Lin family taken care of, the Xi family\'s danger was finally over.

Madam President was appreciative of their help. "If not for your contribution, the Lin family\'s crimes wouldn\'t have been exposed so soon. If their plan had been allowed to go ahead, this country would have been in jeopardy with them at the helm."

Indeed, if the Lin family won the presidency, Hwa Xia would probably be a country of hell. Since the Lin family would allow Lin Xuan to manage IV Syndicate, this meant that they had no moral guidelines when it involved profits.

Elder Xi sighed. "Actually, we didn\'t expect Lin Xuan to be IV Syndicate\'s boss. No one really expected him to be so directly related to IV Syndicate."

"There must be a lot more that was not revealed today. I will have my people pry it out of them," Madam President said with determination.

Elder Xi nodded. "Then, we will leave the rest to Madam President since our mission has been accomplished. If you need the Xi family\'s help in the future, please do not hesitate to ask."

"Thank you."

"Then, we shall take our leave," Elder Xi said tactfully. He understood it was time for them to deal with family business. Shen Ru and Tong Yan understood it was finally their turn…

The series of happenstance shocked them both. Up until now they felt like they were still dreaming. If anything, they hoped that it was a dream, but that was impossible.

The Xi family shuffled out of the room leaving only the Shen family, Tong family, and the girl Xinghe brought along, Xie Xiaoxi, in the room.

Elder Shen looked at Shen Ru and Tong Yan with pained expression. He announced solemnly, "There\'s no need to say anything now and I will not do anything harmful to both of you! To ensure the validity of the situation, we will repeat this DNA test! We will discuss how to move forward after the truth reveals itself."

A feeling of thankfulness rose up within Tong Yan. Perhaps Lu Qi\'s DNA test was fake, and her mother was really the Shen family\'s daughter. If that was the case, she would still be the Shen family\'s granddaughter and the Madam President\'s niece!

Her identity wouldn\'t change, and she was still the most powerful heiress in Hwa Xia. Tong Yan started to smile again; her heart was brimming with excitement and anticipation.

However, when she saw how Elder Shen spoke to Xie Xiaoxi, she felt depressed and heartbroken.

"Child, you will follow us home and we will go fetch your mother. Now that the Lin family\'s dark secrets have been exposed, the days of suffering for you and your mother are over," Elder Shen looked at Xiaoxi and said with heartfelt emotion.

Even though it still wasn\'t confirmed they were his kin, but after hearing their life story, Elder Shen couldn\'t help but want to be kind towards them. Of course, if Lin Shuang was really his daughter, he would do everything he could within his power to apologize for all the misery that his carelessness had put them through.

Xiaoxi\'s eyes turned red from feeling such warmth for the first time in her life. She nodded and said chokingly, "Thank you, I also sincerely hope that we are really family!"