Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 660: IV Syndicate's Leader

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Chapter 660: IV Syndicate\'s Leader

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This was news to the girl as well. She asked blankly, "Your granddaughter? You mean I\'m not the Lin family\'s…"

"You are most definitely not!" Elder Shen said excitedly. "The despicable Lin family switched my daughter away when she was born, so your mother is probably my biological daughter! We only just found out about this truth, child, I\'m your real grandfather!"

"What…" was all the girl could say. She glared at Elder Lin and hatred filled tears flowed freely down her cheeks. "No wonder you people had the heart to treat me like this! I was wondering how you can do such a thing to your own bloodline, so my mother is not even your daughter, how despicable, how cruel!"

Elder Lin no longer cared about this, he only wanted to know how all of this happened. He stared viciously at the girl and demanded, "You still haven\'t said why you are here? What is happening‽ Who found you‽"

This was the only thing he cared about because it was related to the Lin family\'s survival.

"Naturally, she can be here because we brought her here," Xinghe opened her lips to say. Elder Lin and Lin Xuan looked at her disbelievingly.

"You?" Elder Lin stuttered, "You, how…"

"How could we bring her from Country Y?" Xinghe finished his thought for him. This shocked Elder Lin and Lin Xuan yet again. Others were confused, what did this have to do with Country Y?

Xinghe scanned everyone there and explained clearly, "Everyone, you probably don\'t know this but there are many things the Lin family have been doing behind the scenes. This is probably going to sound unbelievable, but Lin Xuan is actually the leader of IV Syndicate. The Lin family have been profiteering from sales of illegal military munitions and have been wreaking havoc all over the world!"

"What‽" The room gasped in unison. This was such an absurd revelation. The Lin family was selling military munitions and Lin Xuan was the boss of an international crime syndicate!

Those from the Lin family who didn\'t know were shocked as well. They assumed Elder Lin\'s main target was only Hwa Xia\'s presidency, they had no clue his ambitions went deeper and wider than that. However, if this was true, the Lin family was truly over!

"That\'s right! Lin Xuan is definitely related to IV Syndicate because it was he who locked me up in IV Syndicate\'s main base to be experimented on. If not because the base was destroyed, I would have been kept there like a guinea pig for who knows how long. All those crimes that Miss Xia said, I can be the witness! I was there all along, I\'ve heard everything!" the girl claimed excitedly. She couldn\'t wait to bring the whole Lin family down, to give them the punishment they deserved.

"Preposterous, our Lin family did no such thing. This girl is spouting nonsense because she thinks our Lin family doesn\'t treat her well enough!" Elder Lin retorted weakly. It was obvious his footing was shaken because the reason was so laughable.

"I\'m not lying, Miss Xia and Mr. Xi can be my witnesses," the girl claimed angrily.

Elder Lin smirked. "You people belong in the same group, so who knows if you people have collaborated to frame our Lin family‽"

"Then had Country Y\'s president also collaborated with us?" Mubai commented with derision.

Elder Lin was stunned. Why did he bring up Country Y\'s president?

However, Lin Xuan already had everything figured out.