Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 655: DNA Test

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Chapter 655: DNA Test

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Mubai, who stood at the ready, pulled Xinghe away and launched a precise kick on Tong Yan\'s ankle. Tong Yan crumbled to the floor with a pained scream.

"Enough!" Madam President suddenly roared. She glared severely at Shen Ru and Tong Yan. "This is the president\'s house so behave accordingly. Create a disturbance again and I will have all of you detained!"

"Auntie…" Tong Yan\'s eyes were watery from being scolded. "This is not our fault, it\'s Xia Xinghe\'s. She slandered our name like this so how can we stand there and do nothing‽ Auntie, you have to help us!"

"Sis, you have to help me straighten this out because I will not suffer such an insult!" Shen Ru yelled angrily.

Elder Shen suddenly pushed through the crowd and stared intently at Xinghe. "Who told you to say those things, where is your proof? Who had you say those things‽"

Elder Shen was shaking both in his words and in his body. Xinghe knew he was having trouble accepting this reality but she powered on. "No one told me this, I discovered this myself, and I\'ve done a DNA test, Shen Ru is indeed Elder Lin\'s daughter."


Xinghe\'s statement was another bomb. The Lin family and Shen Ru\'s faces were filled with disbelief. She has done a DNA test…

Lu Qi suddenly stepped forth and passed a document to Elder Shen. "Elder Shen, this is the test result. Shen Ru is definitely Elder Lin\'s daughter, we got all the information from the DNA bank."

Looking at the report in Lu Qi\'s hands, Elder Shen\'s face was blanched. He didn\'t even dare accept it.

Elder Lin\'s and Shen Ru\'s faces were equally white. They could see dark in front of their eyes. They didn\'t expect things to turn out like this. When did the Xi family notice the discrepancies? How come we didn\'t notice anything?

"No, that is a fake! I\'m not a Lin, I\'m the Shen family\'s daughter! How can I be one of the Lin family\'s people, that is falsified! Father, you mustn\'t believe them…" Shen Ru yelled as she climbed up and prepared to charge at the document and tear it apart.

However, the moment she wanted to do that, Elder Shen suddenly turned to look at her, his eyes were pools of black holes. Shen Ru stopped and was frozen to the spot.

"Father…" She asked with a shaking voice, "Don\'t you believe me?"

Elder Shen looked at her with immense pain in his eyes. He asked, "Is this why you have been helping Lin family? Tell me honestly, have you known the truth all along?"

"No! I haven\'t been helping them, I didn\'t… Father, you have to believe me, I\'m really your daughter, how could I not be your daughter?" Shen Ru explained in a hurry. However, this only made her look more suspicious because she was never good at acting!

Furthermore, Elder Shen had raised her, so how could be unable to tell when she was lying?

He stared at her and said, "Xiao Ru, tell me honestly, when do you learn the truth? If you\'re willing to come clean, then perhaps I can still forgive you. If you still refuse to confess, then you are no longer my daughter!"