Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 651: President… Is Dying

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Chapter 651: President… Is Dying

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All these changes were good news for the Lin family. Good things kept happening for them, one after another. Elder Lin was satisfied; the set-up he did so many years ago finally paid off handsomely.

After the Lin family won the presidency, Shen Ru would find a reason to cancel Tong Yan and Lin Xuan\'s engagement. By then, Tong Yan would lose her position, so they wouldn\'t need a useless girl like her to muddle their gene pool.

Of course, nothing really happened between Tong Yan and Lin Xuan, it was all a front. Tong Yan was heads over heels in love with Lin Xuan, so she didn\'t mind the rumors ruining her name as long as she could be together with him. Lin Xuan didn\'t mind the fake engagement as well since they would never really get married.

Their relationship bordered on incestuous, but it wouldn\'t be found out. All of this was for the Lin family\'s future.

The president\'s body was deteriorating, and the Lin family fidgeted about anxiously. Victory was just around the corner. They wished desperately for the president to announce his resignation and start the next election cycle…

However, at the last minute when everything was right before their grasp, Lu Qi suddenly announced that the mechanical heart research was completed!

The president was going to be saved!

This news landed like a physical blow on the Lin family. This news came to them from Shen Ru.

"Lu Qi really finished building the heart?" Elder Lin was in disbelief. "Didn\'t they say they couldn\'t find a suitable material?"

"They\'ve found it. According to Lu Qi, the Xi family has helped him locate the material and then Xia Xinghe has constructed the machinery!" Shen Ru spat with hatred and derision. "How come that b*tch keeps doing things in the dark?"

It was the same with the mechanical heart design. She kept doing stuff behind the scenes, giving away no information of her current progress.

Elder Lin\'s face was drawn. "That woman has to be removed! She has foiled our plans again and again!"

Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes dangerously, he didn\'t expect the woman to be so capable either. When she consumed Bao Hwa, he thought she was only a shrewd businesswoman, he didn\'t think she could accomplish something like a mechanical heart…

They had truly underestimated her.

"Grandfather is right, I will find a way to take her out and ruin the mechanical heart in the process," Lin Xuan stood up and announced like a hellish angel.

However, at that moment, Elder Lin\'s phone rang. It was from the Madam President…

Elder Lin answered the phone with a curious heart, "Hello, Madam, why do you call?"

"Elder Lin, I have something important to discuss with all of you, can you all come to the president\'s house now? Bring along Mayor Lin and the rest," Madam President replied in a distressed tone.

Elder Lin was alerted. "Madam, what is this you wish to discuss with so many of us?"

"It has to do with the president\'s health. Come over now and I will tell all of you." Then she hung up.

Elder Lin closed his phone and told the room, "The Madam wants all of us to go to the president\'s house, she said she wishes to discuss the president\'s health with us."

Lin Kang was confused. "She wants all of us to be there?"

Elder Lin nodded and right then, he received another phone call. It was from Shen Ru. The Madam President also called her and asked her to come to the president\'s house.

Shen Ru put down the phone and said to herself, "Could it be that the president… is dying?"